Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Schools and Education and Education and Schools

The stress these words bring.  I hear so much talk about schools and education and it's starting to wear on my nerves and cause me to fret.

I would like to enroll QT in school but my dilemma is 1) I don't want him in a school surrounded by caucasians and 2) if he goes to a school surrounded by kids of color the schools seem to have lots of struggling students.

It seems Mr. A and I will really have to start our own school, although I am mentally considering other options. Things like renting a building and having classes so QT can interact and be rough with other little boys.

I shall figure this out.  We could send him to a nearby school and deprogram him everyday and 'afterschool' him.  It's just frustrating that African American people with means, put their kids in mostly caucasian schools and the only kids left in schools that serve kids of color, are the ones with parents who don't have means.