Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Work

As I self-employed person I do not have any managing my work on my time. I have to self-regulate or I end up in disaster.

I have people who work for me and I don't manage them.  I give them assignments and expect it to be done well. I'm accepting the reality that everyone is not designed to manage themselves and it's frustrating. I will do the work myself before I take time to micro-manage a person.

Mr. A says a leader inspires the team and removes obstacles to allow them to work to their highest ability.  I'm not good at inspiring people because I'm working. Perhaps if I was a person that had staff and didn't have to do any of the work, I could work on leadership.

I'm grateful for the people who desire to be excellent. They inspire me to be better and do more.

I realize that the way we homeschool we are raising our kids to self-regulate their own work. We don't stand over them and ensure they are getting work done. They know what is expected and they strive to be excellent in what they produce.

I've decided to write  a pamphlet. I wrote a little tonight.  If I commit to writing a little every night, eventually I will finish and on nights when the mood hits, I will write more.