Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Hills

TR thinks we live in the hills.  We're in the foothills.  We're not at the bottom but we're not at the top. She's been to the homes of her friends and know they live far in the hills, but I don't think she knows that the higher in the hills you live, the more money it costs.

She recognizes poverty but she doesn't recognize the difference in "middle class".  It's interesting listening to my kids make assessments and opinions about things. One day QT told me that some people could be too rich.  He said people who are too rich, wear lots of stuff.  He considers us to be middle and just right.

 I didn't explain that lots of times the poor who wear lots of stuff and sometimes the rich look homeless.

QT started his track season so life has been busy.   His 3rd track meet was in Arizona and we had a blast. We drove and stopped in Bakersfield and saw the kids godmother, we spent the night in San Bernardino County with one of Mr. A's cousins and then got up and drove the final 4 hours to Phoenix.

Once in Phoenix, we visited Mr. A's uncle and aunt.  By total coincidence my cousin who lives in Atlanta was in town visiting my cousin who lives in Phoenix so we went to dinner.  On Sunday my cousins came to Mr. A's aunts house, and Mr. A's 1st cousin who lives in Tuscon brought his 3 kids and wife.

We realized that we had traveled to Arizona for a mini-family reunion! It was great and I'm grateful for track.

I've also been working our with a group of track moms. While the kids are training, we work out.  My body is starting to shape up. I'll be beach ready this summer. Although we probably won't get to a beach.  We're heading to Georgia this summer and won't be near water, but it's good to look good even while fully dressed.  We'll also be in the desert part of southern California but there will be a pool.

Homeschool is going great! Homeschooling has been a great choice for our family and for the kids. They are learning a lot and I am very pleased with the people they are developing into. People who work with our kids while we aren't around keep telling us that we need to teach parenting classes.  I take that as a compliment, not as a suggestion that we teach parenting classes.

A stereotype  exists of homeschools kid being introverted and lacking social skills.  That stereotype exists but my kids are very social, not at all shy, and they enjoy speaking to people of all ages. They are good communicators.  They are like Mr A., so I think its either genetics or just observation.

I imagine homeschool kids who are introverts are like their parents.

We're at a track meet, so I'm signing off! Have a great day!

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