Saturday, March 14, 2015

Here We Go Again


As soon as I decided to stop stressing over summer camp, TR was invited to a developmental gymnastics camp.  She gets to spend 4 days working with the national team coaches.  Her coach says the camp has other girls her age who are good and she can see that she isn't alone.

I never gave much thought to how being younger than her teammates would impact her.  When she was 13 months she was in the 2 year old class.  When she was 2, she was in the 4 year old class. Now she is 6 and her teammates are 8 and older. She has always gravitated toward older kids, so I didn't think it mattered. She had a meet at the end of February and she was very excited because she saw a little girl doing a back flip on beam.  So it seems seeing other little kids who are at high levels is inspiring.  It will show her what is possible for her.

The developmental camp is in Southern California so now we are looking for a camp for QT in the same area.  We are all going and I want him to do something so he can enjoy the trip.

The camp coincides with our previously planned trip to L.A. so we will extend our vacation.  Once we leave the camp we will head to the beach.  The kids' godfather will be in Atlanta filming and we will be staying at his home.  The south took the film industry.

TR recently had her first level 3 meet.  Her scores were not good and she did not get any individual medals.  She has a great deal of strength and power which got her invited to the elite/tops camp but at these levels seems more about grace.  I plan to sign her up for a ballet class this summer to develop that grace.  At higher levels you need power and grace.


I put a bad review of TR's former teacher on yelp.  The review was very specific about what was
being taught and there was nothing about the teacher herself.  The school requested that I take it
down and said they would kick QT out if I wrote another bad review.  QT loves his teacher and the
school and so do I, so I took it down.  I had planned to put it back but after some thought, I figured
that the school just was not a fit for what I wanted and expected for TR.  The class has 17 or so other
kids with parents who must be okay with what is being taught.

   Shortly after we left the school got a new 1st grade teacher to teach the class for 1/2 the day.   The school chose the pastor's wife as the new teacher. I was done.

    Having both kid learn to read and comprehend is a huge load off.  I was expecting both kids to start reading in 1st grade which is when it used to be taught.  I feel like we have time to continue
developing their reading and comprehension without me having to panic about catching up.

   Theron has had a wonderful kindergarten experience.  Finding a school that accepted a 4-year old into kindergarten was like finding a needle in a haystack.

   QT's teacher says he is doing great, none of his work is modified, he does the  same work as all the 
kinders do, and some stuff that 4 year olds are not developmentally able to do-  he can do that too, 
though he works harder to do it.  Apparently handwriting is such an area. QT has excellent penmanship, because he is a perfectionist and he will spend 10 minutes making his letters neat.  If I 
write a letter improperly he will erase it and tell me how it should look.  He also taught himself to write cursive.

   QT is at the top of the class and during the awards ceremony he got every  academic award.  Some kids got those "everybody gets an award so no one cries awards".  I don't like those, because I think not getting the award will inspire some to do more and try to be better than before.

   I had QT assessed for speech and the assessor observed him in class and said if it was not for his size he would not have known QT was younger.  QT also tested at the 78 month old ability level but the assessor says it isn't a good indicator of his ability because the book ends at 78 months and QT didn't get anything wrong. He said if the test book had of continued it is likely QT would have continued and gotten higher scores. QT was the first kid he ever had to go to the end of the test book. 

     QT turned 5 last month and he has blossomed. I think he feels that because he is the same age as most of his classmates, some are 5 and a few are 6, everything is equal.  I love to see him on the playground. Meh tries to help other kids, he helps the, resolve conflicts and puts his arm around them if they are upset and guides them to an adult. 

    I knew he was ready for school and I think making him wait until he was 5.6 to start kindergarten would have disadvantaged him.  He would be frustrating if he was older because he would be more advanced.  It is better to have to work, then for things to come easy because when things stop coming easy, you need to be familiar with working.


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Let It Go- sorta

Mr. A tries to support my dreams and aspirations for our children.  If he says 'no' to an idea I will usually go with the 'no' because it is so rare that if he is not agreeable, he has a reason.

Sometimes he will go with a response that tells me nothing,  when he does that I gather he is not on board with my idea but not against it.  I like it when he is onboard.

As I was discussing day camps with him, he was going with his "whatever you decide" type of responses.  Camp has me pulling out hair strands so of course I need more input.  It occured to me that he may not be a fan of camp.

I asked him directly his feelings and he said he isn't a fan.  We don't need daycare, so camp is not a need for us.  So the kids will do gymnastics camp for 1-2 weeks in the summer. I will try to enroll TR in a dance program and we will do family stuff and let the kids
relax. My brain can relax a bit.

Mr. A understands my trauma of seeing teens hanging out at Kmart on the first week of summer and we talked through it.  In my head L.A. kids
 were supposed to be at a friend's house swimming and enjoying the sun for summer.  They weren't supposed to be in the Kmart with a 30-something mother and her kids.

I used to love to peruse the aisles of Kmart when I was in L.A.  Cosmetics, toothpaste, soap, socks, towels, toilet paper, powder and those types of things were fun for me.  I remember taking TR there as a baby and breastfeeding her in a dressing room and then looking at baby gear.

I digress.  I just felt like Kmart was not the place teens would willing spend hours of their time after months of school. I also had concerns about our kids having less exposure than others.  If they don't do that programming classs will they be less competitive?

I will relax, and put what we save into a fund.  The kids  can use the money when they are teens and need summer activities.

I am excited about returning to the California Academy of Science.  We have a week scheduled in L.A. and since we aren't planning camps maybe we can take a trip back to Tahoe for summer fun.