Monday, February 23, 2015

5 and Ski

    QT turned 5 and we hit the slopes for 5 days for his birthday celebration.  The kids had a snowboard lesson on QT's birthday and Mr. A boarded with the kids the next day.  We went ice skating at the top of Squaw and the kids did innertubing one day. We drove to Nevada for lunch so the kids could see Nevada.  Mr. a invited his 11 year old goddaughter and her mom and 18 year old sister joined.  We had a great time and the kids had a great time playing with their god sister.
Mr. A planned a great trip!
   We stayed at the same cabin we used for QT's 3rd birthday.  Both kids learned to board very fast and it was fun to watch. Family vacations feel wonderful because we can tune the world out and enjoy being together.  Kids grow so fast, so I relish these moments and memories.

   I remember being at the Black Enterprise Ski Challenge in the late 90's and seeing the little kids getting lessons.  I told myself I wanted that.  I also saw the couples  skiing together and I wanted to go skiing with my husband.  So I love that Mr. A loves snowboarding and has introduced skiing and
boarding to our kids.
    Years ago I dated a guy and my brother never said anything negative about the guy.  He merely said, " if you marry x, your kids will never get to ski in Aspen."  I realized my brother was correct.  My kids are fortunate I thought about them when eliminating and choosing a mate. I am grateful I et and married Mr. A.  We are a great team.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Summer Trauma

A couple of summers ago, I was a bit traumatized when I took a quick trip to Kmart in L.A.  and saw high school aged kids hanging out.

Since then, every year around this time I start thinking about summer.  Having lived amongst and associated with the top 5% money holders, I saw how the summers were for children of the monied.  Mr. A's alumni association had annual end of summer shindigs at a beach club in Pacific Palisades. It was a real life Beverly Hills 90210 summer. It is hard to go to a crowded beach after relaxing in a cabana and having bathrooms filled with mints and cloth towels.   We would go to the Beverly Hills Country club with the alumni and see kids in the pool, on the tennis courts, eating great food and relaxing.

We could not access the posh private places on the regular in but in L.A. there was much available to regular income people, and we took advantage of those things.  We joined the Skirball Museum and that allowed us access to all of the children's museums.  The Skirball was amazing!

I  liked to find out what the Jewish people were doing with their kids and I did that.  They weren't spending wild amounts of money and they had lots of play based activities..  When I see how bright and advanced my kids are, I know nature is involved but that early exposure had an enormous amount to do with their current abilities.

My goal was to give my young kids a firm foundation and I think we have done that.  My kids feel capable and confident in their ability.  They are resilient. They keep trying.  They believe in themselves. They are able to self- direct and motivate themselves.

In my business there are many things I have to teach myself.  If I was not confident in my ability to self-teach and to learn my opportunities would be reduced.  I lose cases but I am resilient, a past failure does not indicate what my future will hold.

I believe opportunities are self-created, so I want my kids to believe they can create opportunities and that they can succeed even after a failure.

Summer has value.  We get to spend time free time together.  I knew that the baby years would be quick and now we have 2 school age kids. We made the most of those years before school began.  Summer allows us the opportunity to enrich the lives of our kids.

I wanted my young kids to have an early childhood full of creativity, communication and life lessons and I want summer to be more of the same.