Friday, January 30, 2015

Homeschool 2015

The A family has been enjoying home school.

Our typical day goes:

Music - I am teaching her piano

Spelling/ Dictionary
Reading- comprehension/ writing

We have speech one day a week and art twice a month.  We started a science class that is held once a month. We do cooking and science activities at least once a week.

I am pleased with TR's progress.  She loves Grammar Island and knows the 8 parts of speech and the parts of a sentence.   She also loves math.  She is working on division and Mr. A times her for addition and subtraction, and she loves that.  She likes testing and proving.

QT can read!  A few weeks ago, Mr A and I figured out that he could read.  QT seemed to think he should only be able to read his sight words.  Mr. A had a talk with him and told him that it is okay if he  knows other words or knows how to sound words out. QT got his confidence together and this week he read to me and didn't halt while reading.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Level 3 Floor

TR practicing the level 3 floor routine.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Word is......,


I have been on what might be called a tour of markets. I have broken up with chain grocery stores and I frequent Berkeley Bowl, Farmer Joe's, Andronicos, Piedmont Market, the weekly Farmer's Market for Farm Fresh eggs and fruits and vegetables the Farmers can discuss.

When we were in L.A. I liked Farmers Markets, but now my week is off if I do not get fresh produce from a Farmer.  I like my apples to be dusty, my oranges to have stems and leaves and my eggs to have grass still on them.

I have stopped shopping at Whole Foods.  It's out of the way and I like my market experience over a chain experience. I have developed a love for milk in a glass bottle Cream Top Milk, so I shop the stores that carry it.

I also discoverd that the milk man still exists and he delivers the glass bottle Cream Top milk I like.  I have requested delivery, so I am hopeful I can get my 1950's regular milk delivery experience.


QT is a perfectionist and I am not patient enough for a young perfectionist, so it's rough.  He is doing very well in kindergarten and his teacher said he is a "hard worker and takes pride in his work.".  I suspect that was her way to nicely say, he won't stop until every letter is perfectly written. When TR was 4, we visited a preschool and the director called her anal because she was trying to build blocks perfectly.  I said yes, she is a perfectionist.  My mother is a perfectionist and I expect the kids get it from her.


TR has finished part 1 of Grammar Island and knows the 8 parts of speech and how each part functions.  We will start working on the Parts of a Sentence at the end of this week.  I am excited!

We use Singapore Math and she has done and understands multiplication and this week she began division and 3 digit addition and subtraction.

I really enjoy homeschool. We do piano/guitar, memory/reciting scriptures or poetry, Spanish, math, spelling, reading/grammar, science, cooking, p.e., money/economics, writing, penmanship, geography, art and field trips. I enjoy seeing her learn, be challenged and come up with creative and exploratory ideas for projects.  We watched a Kahn video on the heart and she wants to study and build a model heart.

TR loves home school but sometimes she misses the school environment. I am hoping the science class had kids she can interact with.  Mr. A has plans to take TR to some homeschool park days so she can meet and play with other home schooled kids.

QT waivers between wanting to home school and attending traditional school.  We need a hybrid.


TR has been laughing at my lack of  fitness.  So I have been running at her gym while she is in class. Since I am there I might as well utilize my time to ge fit.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Privates and Competition

I have never been in the monied loop so it is only recently that I discovered that people with higher incomes get their kids private tutors for a variety of things.

 When I was in high school, one of my friends had a private SAT tutor. At the time I thought tutors were hired when a person could not grasp a concept and now I learn that tutors are used by higher income parents to make a kid better than what others are doing.

 I read or saw snippets of American Promise a documentary of 2 sets of professional black in NYC who sent their 2 sons to independent schools. Around 5th grade the school offered tutoring and the parents felt it was a suggestion that their sons could not compete with their classmates. Years later they discovered, the other students had private tutors.

 We do Singapore Math for home school and I read the bulk kids in Sinapore all have math tutors. This private tutor thing is eye opening. Last spring TR's old coach told Mr. A about kids getting private gymnastics lessons. One day we were at the gym and saw her teammate getting a private. After that we signed up for a couple. At the school Mr A coached at, the top track runner had a private coach. Now I am wondering why I thought group lessons were sufficient.

  Home School and time management

 We are now doing art twice per month and QT does it 1 time each month. I tried to do speech 2x per month but the speech pathologist said once a week is better. Both kids have made great and quick progress. Gymnastics schedule changed so we now have Wednesday free. Today we went to the zoo. It was nice. I signed TR up for a home school science class, that meets once a month. It is nice to live around science centers. QT took science for toddlers all of last year and now TR can take science for elementary home schooled kids.

 I settled a lawsuit that I filed in 2013, so I feel as if freedom is in my grasp.