Friday, December 26, 2014


I have wanted to hit the keyboards and blog but with 2 kids, a husband, extended family, and a business, it is a challenge to find the energy once I get the time.
Everyone has million dollar ideas, few have the motivation to execute those ideas.
I have two business ideas. I want to do a special education resource center and I want to do a beauty business that starts sorta like Mary K and I go to bridal showers, pre-prom parties etc. These ideas will be executed. I have sooooo many business ideas but I already have a busy business and sometimes I get lazy.
I am pleased that our current business funds our expensive Northern California Bay Area lifestyle. That makes me feel like The Amey's can build more sucessful businesses. I really want to have a business my kids can work in and expand if they choose. A legacy is my goal. My other goal is to save more.
TR made level 3 in gymnastics and gets to compete in a national meet this winter. If all goes well she can do level 4 by summer. She was set to start competing level 3 last February 2014 but we switched gyms. Having to do level 2 was frustrating for her. It was due to my failures to plan and research. On the positive side I didn't want my 5 year old in the gym 9-12 hours a week. When we moved gyms she was doing 7 hours a week and starting kindergarten, so she was able to enjoy school and do after school activities like dance and cooking class and she had time to free play.
At the old gym, she didn't like the woman who was the level 3 coach and she had begun refusing to go to gymnastics on Saturdays because the coach she didn't like was there. I didn't want her to avoid the sport she loves because of a person. Now she knows that there are other gyms and coaches and she has options.
I really want to do better with money. The kids cost a lot. I've added art and speech to karate and gymnastics. I will probably move art to twice a month to save money and time. The kids love art but the lessons are private and expensive. I am hopeful that we can be done with speech by Spring. That $110 a week is a worthwhile investment because communication is essential but art and speech have added $1k to our monthly expenses. I want to reduce expenses and save money in 2015.
I had a purpose for blogging but this post has taken over a week and I cannot recall what my goal was.

Monday, December 1, 2014

May- December

This photo was taken May 8, 2014, a week or so after I decided to style TR's hair every two weeks.

This photo is December 2, 2014
This photo was taken around June 8, 2014 when I began mixing my own hair treatments.The bottom is December 4, 2014 with the same dress and after a treatment and using wen shampoo.

While I was busy trying to get TR's hair growing I cut my own! I love my cut.

The below photo of TR's hair was taken sometime in October. I have been consistent with my homemade hair concoctions but I fell off on tracking growth.

TR got her hair braided the 2nd Sunday in November and today we took the braids out.  Her hair has grown and thickened.  Yesterday I oiled and massaged her scalp with olive oil, coconut oil and Jamaican Black Castor Oil.  She loved it.  I had planned for the braids to be in at least another week but I had a phone call and when i was done, my assistant had taken 1/2 of the braids out. I plan to have it rebraided.