Sunday, November 16, 2014


My assistant began on last Wednesday and began organizing the mass of papers in the room.  She did a great job.  My hope is to train her to do the administrative tasks that are vital but that I dislike doing and that take me away from tasks that make money and grow my business.

Now I need to write out our budget.

The week end was busy.  On Friday, Girl Scouts had a Star Watch party at the school that TR attended for kinderarten.  Before that event TR had karate.  Prior to that TR had a private gymnastics lesson that I missed. Procrastination is my enemy.

Saturday was a Girl Scout Stem Career Fair at NASA AMES.  It was great if you ignore those rude, pushy, bossy girls that were present.  I will go again next year and just be mentally prepared to expect bossy children who do not know not to push in front of other children.

Saturday Night we attended  Cocktail Theatre.  It's a great event!  Fun times.

TR's kindergarten teacher was at the Star Party and asked TR to name books she was reading. TR named a few books including Gingerbread Man in English and Spanish and then began using conversational Spanish with her former teacher.  We are doing Spanish in home school. TR had an amazing kindergarten teacher.  We were doing 10's for Singapore Math and TR told me she did it in kindergarten.  The math  we are doing is foor 2nd grade and she began the concepts last school year.   It is good to have a teacher with high expectations for students.

TR told me she could read before going to kindergarten.  That might explain why she was able to
read books by October of kindergarten.   

Curriculum and Instruction

We have been homeschooling about 6 weeks, so we are still finding which curriculum is best suited
to our educational goals.  TR was assessed at 3 so we knew she was advanced and now we learn the challenge of finding curriculum suited for an advanced academics but still suited for a 6 year old.

TR can read and comprehend pretty much anything including scriptures and she loves reading, but
she struggles to keep her place if the print is small.  She can write a complete story with paragraphs but she still has to practice handwriting.

 I purchased Language Arts Curriculum called Grammar Island and Sentence Island.  The publisher
of this curriculum designs for gifted kids.  The print is large and the books have colorful pages.  TR cheers when it's time for Grammar.

We mostly finished working on a 1st grade grammar/language arts program that was tedious.  TR did the work fast, correct and did not like it. Grammar Island is very interesting. I am pleased we found it.  Grammar link. The nice thing about home school is our ability to choose curriculum that fits our needs and goals.

TR starts doing private art lessons on Monday.  The teacher has an art studio in back of her home.  I plan to take TR once school goes on break because he loves art and recognizes himself as an artist.  My other goal is to find more activities close to home.  We are all tired of driving.

So we have:

Language Art/Grammar - Michael Clay Thompson
Math - Singapore Math
Spanish -
Reading Comprehension - the book is by Newark ( I don't like it.  It is too low.  We are going to complete it and try the grade 3)
Spelling-  we are going to do Latin and Greek roots to have challenge and understand the roots of words.  I have to find a program for this
History/ Geography - the world around us and various books
Reading- lots of books from "The Educated Child"
P.E.- Mr A
Economics- bills and shopping
Music- me
Art- Mr. A and private teacher
Cooking - Mr A

Now I need to get to that budget.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

my life - together

I am going to get my life together.  Right now I am operating in a bit of chaos and I need a system.

Managing my kiddies is systematic and a great deal of my effort is on them.  I like to keep them organized and in a routine because I want them to have stability.

Business has grown rapidly and I struggle to keep up with all that I have on my schedule.  The more money the less time.  Having staff rely on me means I cannot slow or stop work like I used to do.

Moving toward solutions

1st- organize file all stray papers
2nd- reduce papers by returning files to clients for closed cases
3rd- hire assistant to help me do task 1 and 2
4th- hire housekeeper
5th- look at my calendar daily
6th- file mail as it arrives

Keeping 2 kids, a business, a husband and myself organized is more than a full time job but it's better to do it daily.  It's a cinch by the inch, hard by the yard, a trial by the mile.

I shall get our budget together. I know we should have more money left each month but we have not been saving anything.  Housing/utilities, education, kids activites amount to a total of about 37% of our monthly income. Food is .05%, Gas is .04%.   We usually pay 10% tithes.

The next check which is large due to a hearing I won, we shall tithe, reserve about 30% for December bills and put the rest in savings.  The next check after that will be a little less than 1/2 of typical monthly gross and we will tithe and fund vacation for QT birthday, maybe Christmas spending, kids activities and maybe Mr A and I can each keep a few hundred and save the rest.

After that we should be in a new year and we can tithe and save 10% of all income off of the top. Of course hiring an assistant means my monthly income will reduce for a few months, but if she works well, I will be able to do more work and she will be paid from that increase in work I do. January is also a more costly month because everyone wants dues.  Bar due, sorority dues....

Sometimes in my head I think about the money I need to make to pay people and wonder how anyone could feel secure in a private sector job.  If business goes down, money for salary goes down.  The government gets its money from tax so it can raise revenue by raising taxes but private does not have that luxury.  Fortunately everyone who works for me understands how the money comes.  I don't have a magic pot of cash,  and they know their earnings are based on their work.