Friday, September 26, 2014

Here we are

We are into the first month of school.

I don't think TR has an effective teacher so I am pondering what to do.  QT has a great teacher, so I intend to let him stay but I cannot let TR spend two years with a teacher who is blahhhhhh.

TR had such an excellent kindergarten teacher and it breaks my heart that she now has to deal with a mediocre teacher.

I offered to volunteer in TR's class and the teacher said she did not need help. What teacher cannot use help?

So I volunteered on Thursday and she had me work with 3 2nd grade boys. 2 of the boys could not read, one did not know how to space his words when writing, or spell and the other just kept saying things were hard and he could not do it.

The third boy was just a slower reader but he was focused.  TR's teacher taught these boys in 1st grade, so it seems she failed to teach them.  I also wonder about the parents.  Even in private school, I do no expect the teacher to replace a parent.  Parents have to ensure the kid is progressing.

I need to figure out what the teacher has planned because I can homeschool and save that tuition.  I like the 3rd/4th grade teacher so TR can return then.  QT is also doing well and if this teacher does not retire I cannot turn him over to her to fail.

It is quite frustrating.  I wish my mother would observe for a  day and tell me if teaching was
occurring and if the teacher is so useless as to cause regression,

Friday, September 5, 2014

school things

I am still evaluating my feelings on this new school.  QT is happy. He is also 4.5 doing kindergarten work.  TR's kinder teacher was amazing and only had 3 students.  So TR is ready for 3rd/4th grade but doing 1st grade work.

Mr. A was voted to lead the parent association. He is a trained leader and a natural leader so it makes sense.

The A's on the first day of school 2014

The last time I gave TR a bananna and honey hair smoothie her curls stayed.  She wore it down for about 4 days and then I finger parted it and went with this.  When I get time this weeked, I will dampen it and section it and twist it/braid it.