Sunday, July 27, 2014

July Home and Travel

While perusing pinterest, I saw shelves being used to store shoes.  I put these in the kids' clothes closet and they like it and use it.

I've been eyeing ottomans and finally got this.  I am not sure how and where I will use it.  It might be a seat in our closet, our a footrest in our bedroom or the office.  QT has asked me to put it in his room. We shall see.

QT asked to go to the bookstore and he chose these books. I think its interesting how he likes boyish type of books.  I am sure its due to Mr. A's influence.  Mr A likes Star Wars and he and QT have discussions about Spider Man and Ninja Turtles.

This is a photo of our journey on AmTrak. We packed a lunch (my mom did) and we have a nice long pinic and fun train ride.  GoOD food makes everything better!
I rearranged the kids bedroom early this month at the request of the children.  I think they now think furniture should be rearranged quarterly.  When I don't move it they do it or tell me where they want it moved.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


I don't claim ownership of any haters.  People who get upset at my blessings are upset with God, not me.  What is it you think you see when you see me? It's the God in me.

So recently I found myself get a spark of haterism towards someone. I immediately took note of that feeling because I wondered why I would frown up at someone getting what they wanted.

So anyway, I recognized that I did not believe the person deserved the thing.  I accepted it is not my job to determine who deserves what.  I have many things through favor that I did not earn or deserve or even ask for.

Sometimes my kids will measure what they have against each other and I tell them if their cup is full not to worry about the other person having a full bowl.  Your container is full, and you are blessed.

Anyway,  I am grateful God allows me the ability to be instrospect5ive and identify my own problems.  I want to be a good person.  I don't want to think wrong things I do are right. I don't want to believe my negative emotions are right and acceptable to have.

I think regular fasting helps me out.  Fasting is a reminder that mymind is stronger than my flesh.  I do not have to succomb to my fleshly wants, feelings or desires.

Finding Summer

We travelled a few hours south and found summer.  Its so nice.  In my dreams we have a house/condo/studio in so. cal and easy access to summer living.  My reality is that gymnastics and football picks up in summer so my L.A. second home is just a dream.  A week here, a weekend there will have to satisfy me.

We went to the spray pad today, the kids got to play and get wet and I enjoyed the sun.  This 2 hour excursion was a double whammy because once the kids got home, they changed clothes and fell right to sleep.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

respect the man and the woman

My parents were divorced and I was an adult when I realized they weren't really friends. When we were kids they talked, we had family bar-b-cues, my father came to my maternal extended family holidays, my mother attended my paternal extended family events.

As a young child, my father came to our house every morning and watched as we ate breakfast.  It was only as I reflected on it later that I realized my parents would not speak.  My mother would tell us to open the door and she would stay in the living room and he in the kitchen.

Even now I think they get on each others nerves and not that they think each other to be a bad person. My parents still identify the good qualities in each other.  They will say that the other person is smart, talented, savvy and that is why we are good at xyz.

I have a great deal of respect for Mr A.  My kids are gifted in multiple areas and I attribute that to Mr A.

I am glad my parents recognized the positive qualities in each other.  They did get married so they would have had to see a person with qualities worth marrying.

When I hear parents bash the other parent or disrespect the other parent, I wonder if they recognize the kids have the dna of that person. My kids get to see Mr A and I love and admire each other.  I hope that means something to them.  Right now two loving parents is their norm but hopefully theyb will translate our mutual respect to their own friendships and relationships.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Chasing Summer

The A family took a trip to Central CA to attend the birthday of Mr A's goddaughter.  We were pleased about it being a swim party because we know central CA has real summers.We arrived and it was cloudy and not hot.  The weather was low 80's but cool due to clouds.  It even rained!  The kids had a great time and the weather was not a factor.

when we drove home this morning, the sun was shining and the heat was on.  Everyone was pleased we brought the cooler weather but we had been chasing summer weather.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

a new week of summer

I went into the office and everyone had a space.  I often feel like work takes me away from my kids.  I loved working downstairs and knowing they were there working too.  I need a few more items to allow their to be space to relax while taking work breaks and it will be complete.  The exercise ball is used as a chair.  It is great for the core.

Science class was lots of fun!
The kids love class.
Once school starts we won't be able to do this anymore but I am glad my kiddies got this exposure. They know they are scientists.

The Ammeu family is a busy bunch.  Iwe I'll not be the family that spensds the summer veggies out gazing at the television.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The week in photos (and words)

Saturday July 5, 2014.  The parental unit - home sans kids.

Sunday July 6, was warm so the kids had their breakfast of crepes outside.

Monday we went to San Franciso to visit the pediatrician.  I wanted a fancy lunchtime meal.  The kids wanted pizza.  We had pizza in Union Square.

Add caption

Science class was matter.  The kids loved it!


 photo of the pizza spot.

Mr. A decided the family should work out, we ran the stairs and did conditioning exercises in between runs.

after the exercise, we took the kids to the park. It is at the bottom of the stairs and hiking trails.

The kids got dressed in their swimming gear to play in the sprinkler, they had lunch and laid out to enjoy the sun. This is what I envisioned we would do in our backyard, when we lived in L.A. The park was fun too, but the back is convenient.

I switched vitamins. The kids love these!

TR did bedtime storytime and read to QT.

The luxuries

TR and QT have big dreams. TR wants to take a cruise and spend a few days in an L.A. hotel for her 7th birthday.  QT wants to take a plane to L.A. and visit a museum, for his birthday.  I would like to hit Colorado for skiing for his birthday after we do the museum.  The flight from L.A. Is only 2 hours.

I am calculating the costs. Gymnastics is running us a little more than $5k a year for both kids and might be higher this year because we will have to do some traveling for competitions.  Then we will have school tuition for 2 kids. I view school tuition as a necessary luxury.  An inner city school district, in a liberal city inside of a liberal  state means tuition is necessary. Gas for my car has been running $100 a week and will go up once school starts because we will have to add that travel.  California hates people and the gas tax proves it.

Last school year my mom picked TR up 3 days a week and brought her home 2 days, so we saved on that expense.  This coming school year, the kids' school is not on the way to my mom's school so we have to make the drive.

This morning before church, I made reservations for a cruise.  TR was selling QT on the cruise perks and ended up selling me. She  mentioned the buffet, dressing up for dinner each evening and all the drinks you want.  I will have to check into the cost of kid drinks. I am excited to go!  I wish we could do one this September.

I want to save up a larger amount of money for next summer.  There is much to be done and even the simple activities have costs.

I am also adding myself to the budget.  My first expense will be a Pilates class.

I have done a new  budget and realized we could afford that million dollar house now. Sadly inflation and depression of the U.S. $ means the million dollars ain't what is was 5 years ago.  The million dollar homes we were looking at in 2008-2009 are now 2/3 million, so our income has increased to leave us the same financial position we were in.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

re-arrange take 2

I did more rearranging and now it's a space I like to be in.  Mr. A has renamed it my 'mommy cave'.  I am going to get a nice cushy chair and ottoman.  If I eventually put a t.v. in the room, I can nap, work, watch t.v.m work and make my work space comfy.

I also envision the space as the homework area.  The kids can get into the routine of doing homework here after school.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I rearranged the office.  I am pleased with it.  My next task is to file all of
The paper that consumes my space.

My first move was to define the kids' space.  The kids are my little employees, so I wanted to have an area that was clearly their domain.  If they are clear on their space then they can be clear to stay out of my space.

I moved the rug, their bookcase, a lego table, and their chairs to the side of the room.

Evervything else shifted.  I might turn my office desk and my work desk.  I will have to ponder it.
I would love to have the lower portion where the rug is Painted with the chalkboard paint. I will look into that.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

the office

The home office is frustrating me. I want the space to be functional but warm and comfy.  It's a home office, so it should have a relaxing home vibe.

I probably need a larger rug.  I could get a large bookshelf but my kids like to climb and I don't want to risk the book shelf tipping over on them.  I am looking at photos so hopefully I will figure it out.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

holidays and weekends

Saturday the kids spent the day with my mom and Mr A and I had a lovely day together.
Sunday, was a warm day and the kids were able to have their breakfast outside.

On Friday July 4th we went to the California Academy of Science in San Francisco. We took Bart and the bus.  It was a wonderful way to spend the holiday.  We packed a lunch which we ate indoors, because a San Francisco summer is the coldest winter.