Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Money Money

One of the best parts of my work, is my ability to work more and work faster when I need more money. The worst parts is sometimes I want to stay in my bed but the work must be done.
I recently asked Mr A if we really had $1k of disposable income each month last year. I know we were able to splurge a lot more last year but were we spending $1k per month? TR's tuition has made me realize that we have somehow gotten ~10k extra a year to spend.
I will accept tat God is a provider. He gives us our daily bread.
I have decided to take a break from t.v. I recognize that t.v. distracts me from progressing. I do not want to be so entertained that I do not focus on my potential. T.v. will no longer be my background noise. I am pleased that our kids are not t.v. people. I think because their early years were spent outdoors, they are more into play and physical movement.
QT starts Karate today and TR starts girl scouts today. Our family is quite busy but i think this is the age where kids have a good amount of free time and can explore activities and appreciate those activities.

Friday, February 14, 2014

100th day

Monday was the 100th day of school and TR did a 100-day project. The school had a variety of small celebrations.
TR and I were chatting as she got ready and I asked her something about her class reading. To my shock and awe, she informed me that she is the only kindergartener who can read books. Her classmates can read their math, but not books. This news has me stumped. It makes me wonder how reading is learned.
She now reads at a 2nd grade level! We are the parents that did not believe we needed to teach our baby to read. I am sure we could have, but that might have come at the sacrifice of the many other things we got to enjoy, like playing at the park, museum, art, music, talking about everything and observing things.
We have gotten reports that she now plays around during lessons so we are working on that but the best part is her kindergarten teacher keeps her engaged. I remember being in 1st grade and being tortured by my classmates who struggle to read 3 letter words. TR is not having that struggle because her teacher seems to have figured out how to make learning interesting for everyone.
TR's class does Letterbooks and TR loves to work in those Letterbooks. It is great when the curriculum can be adapted to meet a range of abilities. Her reading comprehension seems better that her reading which I value as more important than ability to call out words. I live in a city with a main newspaper written at a 6th grade reading level. I don't want my kids stuck with elemmtary level reading comprehension. If your reading is limited, you are trapped into the challenges of life.
QT has been a busy kid. The public library has chess classes, so I plan to add that to our schdeule. Once kids start school it is difficult to get time to expose them to the many offerings available. I feel like school deprives TR of so much. Why is the school day so long and who prescribed an hour per subject?
I am sure school could be 4 hours and turn out well-educated people. I think arts, culture and time with family are important needs. So the A family is still working on our private school. I think we have 3-4 other families willing to develop it with us. If TR pursues gymnastics, it will be great to design a program that gives her the ability to remain in a school. I am exhausted with the school planning. It used to be simple. You sign up at the neighborhood school and trust that the government wanted to and would produce an educated populace