Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christ- mas Hosts

I like to keep Christ in Christmas. Years and years ago, I wrote Xmas and my mother told me that it is important to write Christ not X.

I now understand what she means.  This society and this government seems to hate and mock those who honor or believe in Christ.  I may not believe with various religions but I make no attempts to silence those religions nor do I try to force Muslims or Jews to engage in activities that are against their beliefs.

I digress.......

This year Mr. A and I hosted Christmas. It was fun.  Our guests left after 11 pm, so I think most everyone had a good time.  Our first guests arrived at 3:30 pm.  It was a loooong day. The kids were up at 5 am anxious to open their gifts.

When the kids heads hit their pillows, they fell asleep.   The kids loved being hosts.  TR loves guests. She set the tables on own initiative.  She knew how to arrange everything.

QT is on the reserved side but once he warmed up, he had fun, doing what he does.

This weekend we attended a dinner party.  We only knew one couple but we had fun.  The dinner party hosts live within walking distance to us.

I am beginning to realize how very very small the bay area is.  We went to a Christmas eve party at my brother's home and we discovered that my brother went to school with the head coach at the school Mr. A coaches at. We know the coach because his wife is my Sorority sister and she grew up with my paternal relatives. We attended their wedding.

At that party Mr A pointed out a couple of teen boys who attended the private school.  I looked at the boys and realized they were my cousins. Their mother was not there, so I hadn't given any attention to them.  I have not seen them since we've been living in L.A. and they were small back then.

At the dinner party, we discovered that my former business partners boyfriend went to this same private school.  I have known him  since '98 and never knew that. There were others there who also
attended the same few schools.

Sometimes I look at fb or linked in and reaLize how tiny circles are.  This Christmas season was a reminder of how tiny circles truly are.  I lived in L.A. so long and I sort of forgot how small the world is. We also mingled more with non-blacks in L.A.  and transpants.  Now that we are back in a city
with blacks, the connections return.

I think if you are black, no matter your region, there are only 3 degrees of separation between you and a black person from any region.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Almost There

TR is 4.  I have been trying to handle this school situation for  3 years. I never knew school entry would be this much work at the kindergarten level.

We've only appled to one school here in the Bay Area. We'll get notice of the admission decision in March.  All of the schools send notice on the same day.  It's always a Friday.  I guess they want to give parents the weekend to cry or celebrate.

TR was on the wait list for the L.A. School.  I cried when the letter arrived but it was also a slight relief.  Had she gotten in to our dream school for 2011, we would not have moved from L.A. So being on the wait list bought us time to figure out if we wanted to move.

TR has a kinder assessment soon and I am excited to see how she reacts to the school and the teachers. The school makes me forget I am in Oskland.   Our kids get to visit public high schools because my mother works at a couple of them.  They also spend lots of time at a private high school because Mr. A works at one.

I wonder if the kids have noticed the difference in schools.  

QT was a newborn when we went to a high school football game at the  prep school Harv.ard Westl.ake.  I got on campus and saw kds driving, Cayennes and other 6 figure luxury vehicles.  

I went to the restroom at the game and thought I had stepped into the bathroom at Nordstrom.  I never knew a high school bathroom could be so clean.  I have been accustomed to high school bathrooms that are filled with graffiti and wet paper towels thrown on the ceiling. That school experience
introduced me to something new.

Perhaps the smaller student populations impact the environment.  Or maybe knowing their parents are paying high costs to the school, causes the kids to treat the grounds well.

If you read my blog and find me obssessing over school matters, it's because TR starts kindergarten next year and I want to love the school we send her to. Prayerfully the school we want will consider her as a great addition to it's program and we can live happily ever after.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Point, Click, Pay

We sent the application for our first choice school for TR and QT.  Right now we are only applying to one school.

We had toured a school that was highly recommended and we really liked it. The environment and buildings reminded us of the L.A. school.  The L.A. school head referred us to the first school we toured.

They L.A. School head also highly recommended the second school we toured.  After touring the second school, I no longer could bring myself to apply at the first school.

At the second school, the kids were fully engaged.  I appreciated how organized the tour and the tour guides were. They were prepared for the questions.  The school has been educating for years and the knowledge they had on educating children was well built and documented.

I appreciate an environment that keeps what works and enhances it with changes.  I have seen too many schools that continue recreating the wheel and the kids suffer from having teachers who are too busy learning implementing new systems to teach what has worked.

TR has a kindergarten screening coming up.  I am excited to see her reaction to the school and how she responds to the teachers.

I am not a fan of this formal schooling.  I would prefer a home school situation but if I am going to send my young away from home and into an 8 to 3 day, I want a place where I would enjoy.

QT will still be home, so I will try to make our days full of fun and stimulation.

Happy Birthday to You!

Breath is an amazing gift.

I know it's the "in" thing to scoff at the creation and trust in theories of evolution, but breath is an amazing thing. Life is an amazing thing.

To draw Breath seems so simple, yet, without breath, man has no life. Our bodies ability to exit the womb and draw breath until we die is spectacular.. The exchange of gases and breath/oxygen used in keeping our brains and organs healthy is incredible.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

I Tell Ya!

Mr A had an at-ti-tude yesterday.  I figured it was because I made the choice do stuff I needed/wanted and let him handle the kiddies.  It's annoying to live with a non-morning moody person.

I usually ignore the moods because my nature is to attack when people bring those moods around me.  I am fine with moods every blue moon, but Mr A might need some uppers more often than not.

So around 8 pm or so he informed me that the Black Muslim his mother hired to stalk him had shown up at the school where he coaches and had texted him all day.  When I see the Lord, I hope he will tell me why evil lives and thrives.  Apparently this upset him and then somehow I get the blame because I was not there to support him as he worked through this.

I mean, his mother has hired some likely killer and I become the bad guy..... Ooooooooo.kayyyyyyy.

I pray if I ever see her again, I don't have a loaded unlocked weapon.  The jail time might be worth the pleasure plus I want to ensure the safety of my children.

I worry about TR at school.  Did I tell y'all Mr A put a photo of TR at preschool on his fb and said parenting is a blessing.  She left him a VM scoffing about his statement and saying I should know what it feels like to lose a child, since I was on fb, saying they are blessings.

She is not his fb friend, so one of his worthless relatives would have shown it to her.

I set up his fb filters so tight that even I could not see his updates.  He did something to them after that, so I don't know if the relatives who clearly hate him, can see.

His fb updates is how his mother's hired hit man knew what school to find him at.  I imagine the school will get rid of him if that occurs again.  He is at a private school with bunches of white kids.  I am sure they won't have that type of problem.

So Mr A would not share the further details and when I pressed, he just said, "we're not safe".

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Why

I went to a store today. (I will not name it to prevent offending) I used to and still do adore that store.  When I was a kid, my mother would take us to this store around holidays.  She probably realized we could afford the items.

This was back in the pre-Walmart days.  It was also back when most things were made in America and of course American products had higher prices.

Everything in this store was made in other countries.  At 6 or 7 I realized I could buy the stuff and sell it at higher prices.  I wonder if that is how Walmart was born? Walmart knew Americans wanted cheap cute stuff at low low prices.

Back then we had to go out of the way to find items made in Asia and now I have to hunt to find items made in America.

As I young adult, I went to some mall store like Limited, purchased a cute shirt, wore it to a club and discovered a girl with the same shirt.  I took the shirt off, ( I stay prepared), and returned it the next day. Since then I have stayed away from certain stores. I don't want to look like everyone.

After that experience I moved to higher end stores and began buying stuff when it was first out.  I purchased a super cute pair of high heeled sandals for a couple of hundred (that was money in the 90's).  About 9 months later after my shoes were raggedy, I saw them at a Ross for $60 or so.

As I got older and began noticing homes and furnishings, I noticed people had the same furniture and home items.  Mass produced items and cookie cutter, clothes,  homes and decor goes against my core desire to be myself.

Oddly the store we used to go to as a child is where lots of the look alike stuff I see, seems to come from.

I am sure my desire not to walk into someone's home and see my stuff plays a part in my enjoyment of antiquing.  My sister travels to China and has her wardrobe made. She also gets clothes made for TR and QT each time she goes.  I think she shares a desire to  have clothes that she alone wears. 

Last week Mr A suggested I hit a thrift store in Berkeley.  I ended up at a spot that took old farm house doors and turned them into tables and benches. The buyer can pick out the table and then 
choose the legs and the store puts it together.  I saw a mirror, that had a solid oak frame.

I like to call Mr A for purchases that cost a few hundred.  I called him but he didn't answer.  I figured
I had no choice but to buy it, because the store only had the one mirror.

I pulled out my card, only to realize that Mr A had it.  Oh noooooo.  When I picked him up, he refused to return for it.  Oh nooooooo.

These are some reasons why I dislike chains and why I love antiquing.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Kids and holidays

My kids make me see the holidays through the lense of my own childhood.  It's refreshing!

When QT got out of bed this morning he went to the tree and turned the lights on.  TR got up and they got their little chairs and sat by the tree and discussed some things. 

'Tis the Season!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The real tree

Mr A took the kids to the tree spot and returned with a lovely tree. I had thought to wait but Mr. A loves to do that type of stuff with the kids.  I figured it best to let him do what brings him joy.

The kids are decorating the tree with us, so this process will be interesting.  TR is extremely excited about decorating the house and tree.  After Thanksgiving she began picking out Christmas decorations.  Her arms were full and the shopkeeper gave her everything she was holding.  We brought the items home and put them up.

We have the mistletoe up.  I got a kiss from TR and QT when they walked underneath it.

I plan to take TR on an tree ornament shopping excursion.  It should be fun because she has specific design tastes.  I think my sister's fashion has totally rubbed off on TR  TR loves being fancy.

We are hosting Christmas this year.  TR asked me after Thanksgiving if  everyone to come to her house so she can be hostess.  I know she will love it.

Hopefully our guests will be comfy and enjoy themselves.  Mr A., TR and I were meant to host. I don't think QT cares one way or the other.  As long as he has his football helmet, chin strap, jersey, football and gloves he is satisfied.

I need to get Christmas music and a cd player. I loved sitting around the record player as a kid and playing Christmas songs. The house smells of pine so I want to add the music and enjoy the season.

Saturday, December 1, 2012


I rearranged a few things today.  Mr A brought home a chair I found and had been waiting to purchase. It was a bit of a competition but it's home with me now.  It's a Morris Chair or it claims to be.   
 Now I am at a design loss.  I think a piano will have to complete the room and I will begin work on the office/playroom.  I know we need to spend more time in the office and making it inviting AND kid friendly will support that need.  I have plans to buy a toy kitchen and a table so the kids can do arts and other activities.  Both the kitchen and table will go in the office.  We have Uverse wireless so a t.v. can be an option, if we start using the room for a bulk of our time.
This afternoon I left music playing on the desktop.  QT followed the music and went into the office to dance.  When I called him, he decided to play hide and seek.  The kids already enjoy the office space, so I think a rug, comfy seating and toys will have a huge impact.