Thursday, November 29, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree

I arrived home today to a roaring fire and a Christmas tree.  How cozy!

I got home around noon but I didn't take the photo until tonight.

I like this tree.  I'm waiting until we get closer to December 25,  2012 to put the live tree up.

Tonight we roasted marshmallows in the roaring fire.

Good times,

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What is Up

TR did a 180 in gymnastics. She leaves clas and tells us that she was good, that she did not roll her eyes or raise her voice at her coach. Her coach agrees. I think those naps before class make a difference. Shout out to Mr A for being nap enforcer.
One of the gym staff, makes creative balloons to give to TR, if TR is good for the week. TR works hard during the week to earn her balloon. QT tries to earn his balloon each week, but I think he forgets about the balloon until he hits class.
I picked up a little golf set and QT loves it. I rigged up a couple of toys to make a golf club, but I plan to purchase a couple of toddler clubs because QT loves to golf.
I think I must have latent athletic abilities because these kiddies could not have gotten this athletic just from Mr. A's genes.

I think Sunday or Monday night had a full moon. One of the kids spotted it and got their telescope. It's amazing to have these wonderful windows to star gaze from. When we were in L.A. we walked to the park and set up the telescope. Here we can look from the comfort of the living room. We could
see the craters on the moon.

Tuesday was yard work time. TR and I live with type A men.  TR relaxed with her iPad while QT and her dad worked. I remained inside and was on hand to get dirt out of QT's eyes. QT refused to put shades on, so the dirt kept going in his eyes. They were pulling weeds otherwise I may have gone out
to help. TR will plant and water, but I guess she leaves the weeds to the guys, like her mommy.

Schools and Books

TR notified me that she wants to go to her learning school. I asked her what she wants to learn, but she did not say. She is still teaching herself to read, so I think that is her goal.
TR brought her pillow, blanket and book in our room and got comfy.
      QT seems to think he can read. I love it when we go to the zoo and he makes us stop at the signs. He puts his finger on the words, moves his finger and says what he thinks it says. He does the same when he gets in bed.  I love seeing that our kiddies like that we read to them. It's a cozy feeling.  I still remember my mom reading to us at night.

This week in Sunday School, TR asked to read and when given the chance she opened her book and
 said, she couldn't read the words. I feel a little bad for her.

My mom told me a reason kids want to learn to read is because they want to know what the words say and they do not want to have to rely on others to read the words to them.

I am back to the work of work. I have not worked with clients since April. It feels good to get back in the game and back up to speed.
My bay area business is being blessed. We moved here and without advertising, the bay area calls
began. I recall having a vision (as in plan) that I would operate my firm on both sides of the state.
Right now I am in Northern Ca., Southern Ca, Central Ca and now the plan is to continue the

Shout out to Mr. A for being great at developing business systems. A vision needs a plan. He created a plan for my vision and it's awesome how fast the growth and stability has occurred.

My intent is to blog about it, because I sorta feel removed from it all and I want to be able to do this again when I enter a creative field. I feel like I woke up and we had a staff and a system in place.
My A and I are a great team. I had a good business that flourished with organization and
management. I have an entrepreneur mentality but not necessarily a growth or a management
mentality. It's feels well fit to me because Mr A and I are compatible business wise.
Mr A organizes weekly staff meetings, which I don't like but which I love after they end. Those
meetings are extremely beneficial. We have a mission statement, agenda and it gives everyone
direction for the week and updates everyone on what is occuring. It's also good training for everyone.

Now I will be able to focus on litigation.  I can afford to represent families who can not afford me. Just today a parent called me and said God had meant for him to find me.  He was walking and saw my card on the ground.  He is probably correct because just yesterday I was asking why no one from this district has contacted me.

I have the unique qualifications for what this parent needs. Other attorneys have told him he missed his statute of limitations but folks familiar with this area know the laws impact them differently.  One year I was working on a case and the opponent cited case law from a case I'd won.  He was using it against me, but I was amazed to realize my cases have set legal precedent. I know this area from so many angles and I want to spend some time in this side of the law. I plan to be the go to person, in this area of law.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I shall (attempt to ) label my business related posts as "B-side". I like to free write my blog posts and attaching a label changes that freedom. Adding a label will lead to editing. If I edit, I edit until the post disappears.
I will try to be intentional and thoughtful, and craft business posts with purpose. I will try not to edit myself away from what I intend to convey.
I am a little frustrated. I operate a boutique law firm. I try to be transparent with staff. Anyway some folks get "fair share" twisted. If I have spent 12 years building the foundation for a business, if I am the one who shoulders all responsibility, and risk, if I am responsible for ensuring everyone is paid, before I pay my own family, then someone I hired is not entitled to an amount that is fair to what I get and should not focus on what I get.
I see folks putting quotes on facebook on entrepreneurship. One said you live a few years like others won't, so you can live the next years like others can't.
Reading that stuff makes me shake my head.
Tides have turned and now living a few years like others won't, means that once you achieve your financial dreams, folks will believe you are making too much. The rules to the game changed.
Instead to bemoaning the rule change, I have to figure out how to exist within the new rules. I will say I won't work harder than everyone else to have the same as everyone else.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Ski, Swim, Skate

I came across an ice skating rink this week. TR and I checked it out and I told her we would return with Mr A and QT. I figured the guys would be disappointed to know we ice skated without them.

When Mr A and the kids hit the ice, I realized that Mr A and I had never went ice skating. It never occured to me that Mr A would not want to go. It never occurred to me that he would not be able to ice skate.
Before we left home to ice skate Mr A said, "you know I really ice skate". I was pleased to hear that because I don't know if I remember how to ice skate.
Mr A got on the ice with both kids and I (again) realized I had chosen a great father!
So far there has not been a sport that Mr A lacks skill or knowledge of. He can do gymnastics, bowl, ski black, he can swim, snorkel and is trained as a survival swimmer, golf, horse back ride, bike, and of course he is a football coach.
Many years ago I dated a guy who was old enough to enable me to assess his potential. My brother told me that if I married that guy, my kids would never be able to ski Aspen. Such a simple statement forced me to recognize the lifestyle I wanted for my kids.
It may be unimportant to some, and it may seem trivial but I wanted my children to be able to access things and enjoy things.
Mr A was the only black man on the ice. There were lots of fathers skating with their young kids, as the mothers watched. Those fathers were all sweating. There were black kids hanging on to the wall and teaching themselves. Other kids had seals they pushed for balance.
The first time we took TR skiing, Mr A skied backwards down hill to film her. He ice skated backwards to teach the kids and did not waiver as both kids held his legs for balance.
I am glad I accepted the knowledge of what I wanted for my family before I had a family.
I wanted to go to church as a family and ski as a family. I didn't think that was asking too much. Fortunately God had a mate designed just for me and designed him much better than I could have thought to.

Saturday, November 24, 2012


TR and I went antiquing today. I found a warehouse that sells items from estate sales. I got the lamp pictured. It's lovely and heavy. I found the chair at a nearby warehouse. The chair has wooden wheels and metal casters. The legs are ornate and are wooden with a gold dust. If we were in L.A. I could hit the Getty and find out more. I believe the style to be Rococo and the casters help date the chair.  It could also be a great replica. The chair seems to have been re-upholstered but it's in such great condition that I suspect someone had it as a show piece.

The Porch

The porch is a seasonal project.  This is what it currently looks like


Friday, November 23, 2012

The Princess and the Football Player

My kids greatly entertain me. 
When you are 2 and 4 your imagination and a few props, allow you to be whomever you want to be. 
TR has an imaginary sister, named TR Cinderella. Her sister lives in a castle on a hill, in the big city. Her sister seems to move a lot, so it makes visiting her difficult.
QT goes to football practice with Mr. A, so when TR tells him he doesn't go to school, he tells her that he goes to football school. 
QT's football school,(where Mr A coaches) is private and at the end of games, kids in the stands and players on the field, link arms and sing their school song. I got teary eyed the first time I saw the kids organize themselves and sing it.

QT sang part of the song and aside from my amazement of him knowing the song, I realized he considers himself a part of the team. He rides the team bus to away games, he sits on Mr A's shoulders throughout every game, he attends practice and he has gone to a couple team dinners. The football kids play with him, and make sure he is taken care of. When he isn't there, people look for him.
I arrived late to a game and had QT with me. The folks in the stands said hi to him and told him they had been looking for him.
The private school atmosphere is far more suited to family than public school. Other coaches also bring their kids and have those kids on
 the sideline.
TR used to go to practice with Mr A in L.A., but Mr A was the only coach
 bringing a kid. 
Here QT often encounters other kids to play with at practice. When TR goes to practice, the cheerleaders come to get her. They let her join in.
I don't think this is a regional difference, I think it's a public-private school difference. I see why Mr A was committed to our kids attending private.
Last night at Thanksgiving, my cousin brought his new girlfriend and she has a 5 year old. Neither Mr A or I were in the room so we got the story 2nd hand. TR walked to the girl, introduced herself, curtsied ( she had a dress with a big skirt) asked the girl if she wanted to play, opened a bottle of water and said, "we have tea".
They said watching it made them all gooey in the heart.
I am a huge Audrey Hepburn fan, and TR dresses and moves like she has seen Audrey Hepburn movies. Of course when she is not walking like Audrey in Sabrina, she is flipping and doing hand stands.
When TR sees a short sofa she tends to back flip onto it. The people nearby will start advising caution and then quickly move to, 'oh my, she is some kind of acrobat/gymnast". They then ask me if she is a gymnast.
TR began walking toward the end of 13 months. She toddled about 2 weeks, then she waked like an expert. The next month, she got on the back of our couch and walked across. I was so scared. Mr A found a gymnastics class, and I was happy that they had a balance beam she could walk across.
I am grateful gymnastics exists. My daredevils kiddies are able to perform the risky endeavors and have mats beneath them.
I am very thankful for my kids who ensure there is never ever a dull moment. I am thankful my kids are fun, playful, athletic, thinkers and friendly. I am thankful Mr A is who he is. I am grateful to my mom and sister for watching the kids even though they sometimes act as if I have asked them to paint my house. I am grateful God has spared and taken great care of us.

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Ball

For some time, I have looked forward to taking TR to a deb ball.  She is 4 so I knew she would and could appreciate it.  I cannot express how much she enjoyed it! Before the ball we got our hair done. TR loves the salon. In L.A. her salon did papaya hair smoothies and put her under oxygen blowers. She would be there an hour and she loved it. She had her treatments and styled without straightening. The Oakland salon washed, conditioned and styled, so she felt cheated. She kept telling the stylist to do more. We will have to get back to L.A. To have her hair done. Of course in Oakland her hair was $15 and in L.A. it was $80+.

TR wants to attend the ball every week.  Our cousin won Miss Fashionetta, so this was the perfect introduction.  TR actually knows the princess.  I told her the debs were princesses. TR told me she ad two cousins who were debs and I did not discover that another cousin was indeed participating until I got home and saw Facebook.

TR got to dance and mingle with the debs.

Mr A thinks he can continue skipping these events until TR is a deb. I intend to drag him to one before TR participates. The event always seems a bit surreal. It's very sweet but seeing folks waltz and do stuff from centuries ago is jarring. I appreciate that certain traditions survive.
After church QT and I went to the home of I.da Jack.son an Alph.a Kapp.a Alp.ha woman who was a pioneer. She had a beautiful home, with parlours and sitting rooms that have been preserved, in the style that she left it in. I did not want to leave.
I love history and knowing that a black woman lived in such a home, was inspired to help people, and accomplished so much in an era of open racism is exciting. Id.a Jac.kson, daughter of a former slave, was born in 1902 in MS. and graduated from what is now Dillard U in LA. She moved to the bay and graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA and a Master's Degree. She was the first black person hired to teach in Oakland Public Schools.
It's also great to know that in the 1920's a black woman could attend UC Berkeley and be hired as a teacher.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Talent and attitude

TR's gymnastics coach has told us that TR has a bad attitude.  When the teacher asks her to do something TR does not respond well, if the activity is not what she wants to do.

This information breaks my heart.  Talented people with bad attitudes, can end up worse than people with no talent.  I say worse because unfulfilled potential and wasted talent is sad.  The attitude determines potential, IMO.

The coach said, the coaches in the next level will have TR sit out, when she displays the attitude.  They won't deal with it.

TR is the youngest in her class and often gets a lot of attention from the director, coaches and parents.  The director and teacher call her and have her show people her strength and abilities.  Perhaps that has made her smell herself.  Her coach said the attitude is new.  Maybe she hears us talking about what a beast she is. Maybe praising a talent is not the best for a young child.  Perhaps we should say "good job" and move on.

Since children model behavior,  I will be working on my own attitude and responses.  So if you see a black woman who is speaking softly and expressing gentle behavior when her children are not behaving, it may be me. (I find it harder to be soft spoken with misbehavior around black women. They will shake their heads, recommend beatings and overall make a frustrated mother feel shame for  having kids who don't behave like soldiers).

If I get an attitude when the kids do not conform to my desire, maybe they learn to get attitudes when others do not conform to their desire.

I can say 'no', better. I have to manage my expression of frustration, and maybe my kids will model that.

In L.A. I had help.  I had breaks because I had a nanny and a baby sitter.  Mr. A deludes himself into thinking he shares an equal amount of child care respnsibilites.  One week I am going to do a timeline. It will show one of us who is correct.

Anyway, I sort of feel like whatever we do it will be wrong.  If we leave her in competitive gymnastics, we steal childhood.  If we take her out, we deny her from operating in and achieving her potential. 

If we praise her, we make her think she is so good she doesn't have to listen.  If we do not praise her, we make her think we can't be satisfied and her best is not good enough.

Parenting is work.  I think in our desire to ensure our kids are exposed, we have caused TR to believe she is entitled.  She does not view our activities as treats but as basics. I guess we need to impose deprivation to make her appreciate things.

I took the kids to a children's museum yesterday.  When we left TR was pouting because I did not buy her some junk.  I thought she should have been pleased for the outing but she was sad about not getting a toy.

 Most of the time I take the kids places, for my own sanity and so the house stays neat.  When we get grass and it's not raining, outside will be where they spend daylight hours.

Maybe I will punish myself and utilize a reward system.  Treats will be earned not freely given.

Cry Me a River

Yesterday TR picked up a family portrait, we had taken at the park in L.A.  She began weeping after a few moments.  I asked her why she cried and she said she missed Los Angeles.

I want to cry writing this.

On Thursday, she asked to call her former nanny because she missed her.  TR regularly asks to go to a Children's museum, like she went to in L.A.  She asks to do cooking classes, or to go bowling like we did in L.A.  She has asked to go to the beach.

I miss our L.A. Lifestyle too.  Mr.  A has football so I think he is too busy to think about or recognize how much our lifestyle changed. QT gets to go to football on many days, and he is on the sideline at games on Mr A's shoulders.  He loves that so I don't think L.A. can compete.

TR doesn't seem to enjoy play school as much as she did the park.  She hasn't developed friendships like she had with her park friends.  At the park she would come home and tell us about  her playmates.  She rarely to never mentions her classmates.

Her main park friends were starting preschool last fall, so her park life would have changed anyway.

We spend more time in the car here. That bothers her. It bothers me too. She doesn't understand why she can't wear what she chooses. Cold weather and dressing for it, are requirements she doesn't like.

I figured if we had been in L.A., TR would have had a tough time transitioning to kinder.  Moving has her feeling less secure.  She tells me she wants to visit Bakersfield and L.A. but leave all of our stuff and just pack a few clothes.

She checks to see if we are moving.  I can tell that the kids enjoy living in a house, but we traded things. TR asked if we can go back and forth between both cities.  If we had that bullet train, it would be a possibility.

So we have a trip planned to L.A. soon.  Moving is not emotionally easy.  I feel wrong for moving my kids from a location where they could walk or be a short drive from the good stuff, but I felt bad for depriving them of the grandparent, extended family experience and  the apartment was getting to small.

A house in L.A. would have required a move out of the neighborhood, because we did not have a million plus to buy a Hancock Park house and the property taxes it comes with.

My hope is she will get into this amazing school and will enjoy it so much that she will be excited to have left L.A.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


When I was a kid, I felt like I should have been born around the time my mother was.  I remember the 80's, sitting in my cousins' swinging papasan, watching them get dressed and PYT blasting. They had the record. They would get ready and head out to whatever teens and young  adults did back then.  I enjoyed my childhood, but I think I was a child decades after my soul was meant to experience childhood.

I was 6 or so and we would watch Blondie before church and when VCR's came along we'd record it.  My mother did not like the show so I have no idea how we found it.  I was 15 watching Audrey Hepburn movies and falling in love with the movie Sabrina. AMC was my favorite channel.

I loved old movies.  Now old movies , are what I recall as new movies. 

Perhaps my love of old furniture is part of my old soul.

It is hard for me to maneuver in a world where the values I hold dear are jeered.  It's worse because while I can exist in my bubble, I realize the battle my children will suffer because my values will be so at odds with what larger society has. I 

I have briefly considered moving to an Amish colony, or to the Mennonites (if they could stop that intermarrying).  

Below are photos of some pieces I have picked up at estate sales.  When I go to places and feel that vibe of history, it soothes and ignites parts of me.  That old way of life that my parents and grand parents spoke so fondly of, is momentarily in my eyes view.

One reason I loved Belize is because of the freedom of the children, the community that existed,  
A couple of people in our group lost their wallet and the Belizean who found it, sent it back, to the house we stayed at. The people on the island pay attention to who is there and where they are.

When I hit coral, the scuba instructor began yelling at me to not touch the coral because it would destroy it.  Our jungle tour guide, told us not to step in the ants trail because they worked by smell and our feet could interfere.  Mr A was driving his golf cart too fast and the residents yelled at him to slow down.  I loved that concern about people, ants and the environment.

Ir's rough being a early 50's soul, in a late 1970's body.

The desk from craigslist
the armoire from an estate sale
the planter box from Osh.  

The table from a thrift

The night stand from an estate sale

I wonder if I could become an international antiques dealer.  That would be fun.  I need to keep my options open. I am concerned about the economy.  If unemployment does not decrease, taxes/revenue will remain insufficient and my business will suffer.   It would be great to spend much of life in a booming economy.  My adult wok life has been spent in bubbles, that burst., short sells, then housing and people thinking the amount of money they could borrow was wealth.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I am disappointed that Obama kept his job.  I guess abortion and birth control, and social issues won over the economy.

I pray that God takes care of my family during this term. I believe the next 4 years will be rough on everyone.

I am concerned about his revenge statement and I do not like the hate and fear that he based his campaign on.

It's going to be interesting for the next four years.  I am packing my emergency provisions and buckling my seat belt.

I hope he does not pursue the revenge he spoke of, but I think the gender, class and other wars Obama began to win, will linger.


TR attends preschool under 12 hours per week.  I am pretty sure it's shorter than part-time.  It occurs to me that 1/2 day kindergarten is about 15 hours per week.  I would prefer half day kinder, but I haven't found any.

I think these programs were easier to find, when mothers were home. Now kindergarten and preschool are forms of child care. It's rough having a kid in school for just a few hours.  I am limited Iin where I can go and do because as soon as I start something, I need to get back to pick her up.

I used to substitute for kindergarten and kids that age have limited focus and attention, so activities would last 10-15 minutes.  I have no idea how a full-day kinder teacher lesson plans.  A 1/2 day kinder teacher, 1/2 the day and lesson plans the other 1/2. The next time I do a kinder tour, I will ask that question.

At preschool, the activities are also short.  On the days we (parents) work, it's exhausting.  What is worse is that in public school, recess and nap time have been eliminated in kinder.  How does a teacher not crack?

I was at the post office Monday and I saw two adults who needed assistance addressing their mail.  I told my mom and she said that was taught in 4th grade.  I reminded her that reading and testing, no longer allow time for such lessons, so it isn't taught.

I have a theory on why public education has been purposely destroyed but folks ain't ready.


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Piece by piece

I put a couple more photos of my mini armoire. I think it's adorable.  TR needs one for her jewelry/trinkets.  The side glass has pretty details. 
I enjoy picking out home decor and furnishings piece by piece.

QT and I went to a furniture store that sold new furniture that looked old.  I find that amazing! I like old furniture because of how it was crafted.  In my mind, I envision people working to put the old pieces together. I expect machines to put modern furniture together.

What I need is a toy chest for the family room.  The hunt continues.

Slow and steady

I had big plans.  I was going to do a little shopping for home goods, but we got a flat tire and had to buy 2 new tires.  Apparently you can't just buy 1.  At least Mr. A. doesn't.  Tires are expensive!

Early last month TR fell and hit her front tooth. We went to ER and they pretty much did nothing. They said it would either tighten back up or fall out.  Well, its darkened and apparently it hurts her.

Long story, short....... the cost to rescue her baby tooth and avoid an abscess is $600.  So $800 has been spent on necessities, as opposed to home goods. 

I was unable to find a pediatric dentist that took our HMO.  They only take PPO's.  I prefer PPO's because it allows freedom to choose doctors, but Mr. A.'s last job gave us health insurance and we've been using that. (update: after I posted I looked at our health insurance papers.  We have a dental PPO and health HMO......and the dentist I chose is covered under that plan. Joy!)

Moving on to treats we splurge on. 
Taco Bell has a drink that I adore.  The drink is $5 and the ingredients are $6 so I am trying to recreate at home. Sierra mist, and cherry lime Torani.

My second attempt included less Torani and the addition of a lemon/lemon-lime.
I have been lusting after our neighbors lemon tree and planning to plant my own but after a little rain, our lime tree, began producing lemons!  I think the tree is a hybrid. 

My third batch, was lemon-lime, ice, soda, splash of Torani. Yum!

I bought a family zoo membership is September, so trips to the zoo are now paid for.  Those rides tickets are pricey but the kids know, they can pick only 2 rides per visit.  QT loves watching the animals.  When I take him by himself, he will spend 10-15 minutes observing each animal.  When TR comes, she rushes us .......... to the rides.

Trick or treating cost only gas but the value of pleasure for the family was priceless.  We ended up in a great part of Berkeley.  We had no idea where the spot was, but we found it.  The neighborhoods 
block off their streets and turn it over to Halloween celebrations.  Last year we went to Hancock Park and the demographics of where we hit this year are the same.  The neighbors use the night to visit each other and share wine.  

I did manage to fund a few home items this month.  Below is a cute little armoire.  I have perfume and my beauty products I use daily, as well as jewelry.

I bought this telephone table and basket.  My great aunts had a similar table, so when I saw it I knew what it was. One of my aunts kept her table in her hallway. When  I was a kid, I would sit there and look through the phone book, if I wanted quiet time. My love of old, fine, furniture goes way back. I was afraid to enter my great aunt's living room for fear of making too much noise but I loved the room.  She kept her hardwoods sparkling but they creaked.  She knew where the kids were by the sound of footsteps.  She, my grandmother and her other sisters would spend their time chatting in the kitchen. The kitchen was next to the living room. When they heard your feet hit that floor they would come to check on what we were doing.  

My great aunt was sick and moved out of her home in 1994 but I still recall how her home was decorated.  She had a big porch and we would always sit there and neighbors would come by to chat. Now that I reflect, my aunt is why I love beautiful hardwood floors. My mom's house had hardwood and we begged her to take the carpets up. She refused and said hardwoods were too much work. Her childhood memories were off her aunt, my great aunt spending Saturday mornings, on hands and knees scrubbing and polishing those floors.  

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trickle Down- Randoms

Right now, the business has 3 attorneys (1being myself), a translator/advocate in training, a legal secretary and an office manager (Mr A).  My old business partner is about to jump on board.

If I was greedy, the money would still trickle down because the more people I employ, the greater my earning capacity is.  It benefits me to hire people. I pay well, so I maintain good people, who do good work. Good work means more money.

Since I am not greedy, I've been able to reduce my case load while maintaing income.  I do try to do a little work to boost my personal financials.

Today I took the kids to free play at gymnastics.  They had a great time.  We took a trip to target and a toy store, had lunch and wet back to gymnastics for class.

I can spend time with my children and still have income,  it's great!

I love the way business is going.  If Mr A had taken on the role as business/officer manager years ago, we could have got that Hancock Park or Bel Aire house. But we are properly placed, and I an mentally ready or this phase of business.

I am a bit blind to how strong my kids are.  I usually think they are regular and other kids don't get out and play much.  Perhaps I am wrong. Maybe my kids are exceptionally strong.

Today TR was playing in the foam pit and a coach who did not know her asked her if she could roll in the foam. He demonstrated and she followed. She rolled across the foam.  The coach told me that what she did took incredible strength.  I figured it did. I sink in the foam. That stuff is work.

As much thought as we have put into schools for the kids, TR might end up with a private teacher.the competitive gymnast kids do not go to formal school. If TR continues, the hours will mean she has to do an alternative program. We have a private school tour shortly. I am going to ask if they make accommodations for working kids.

I think TR has figured out how to read but she won't admit it to  me.  Once in the car, I spelled a food item to Mr A and TR told us the word I spelled. Today at the toy store, TR picked up a toy she thought was a bracelet,  I told her she was picking up anything and did not know what she had.

She inspected it and told me she thought she knew what it was. She said it was a Monica.  I asked her how she knew that.  I told her it was a harmonica.  I asked her again how she knew what it was and she told me she just knew.

Later today I told her she needs something.  She asked, what,  I told her it starts ' N' and ends with a 'P'.  She said, " nap".

She has figured out the sounds different letters make, so I suspect this may be how she is teaching herself to read.

Anyway, I now have a new mission.  How to school a competitive gymnast.