Thursday, October 25, 2012


This photo was taken prior to our Labor Day bar-b-cue. The drinks table.

I want to have a holiday open house-brunch, though we haven't decided if it will be held in November or December.

Mr A, TRand I are great hosts. QT mostly observes guests.

Pinterest is great.  It puts everything in one place.  Pinterest is helping me menu plan and decorate,

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I am developing a slight obsession for porches and entry ways/foyers.

I love looking at how people introduce their home and I consider the porch and the foyer as an introduction. 

The above photo is what our porch looks like now. My mind is still figuring out what vibe I want.  The area is small, so function and calm are my priorities.

Our porch cannot be seen from the street so whatever I do, I do for us.  That makes decorating more fun and personal.

I am also deciding and saving up for, what to put in our foyer.  I bought an antique chair, I want a small table and a bench.  The area needs to be relaxing, kid friendly, have functional storage and be welcoming.  

Fun stuff.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Bay

The Bay

I was excited to look out of our living room window and see the bay and clear across to south San Francisco. If we top the trees, we will have fab views.

I enjoy looking at the water and the city lights.


Preschool is going well.  TR loves it!  It's playbased and she is learning a lot in between the play. She can write her name neatly, on unlined paper.    I recall learning to write my name on lined paper and I wrote huge.  She writes her name like she has been writing it for years.  

It's nice to be able to spend an afternoon observing kids who are the age of your own child(ren).  It's eye opening and increases my patience.


TR is the youngest person in her gymnastics class.  Her class is the first level of advanced and there is a 5 year old but it seems most of the others are 6 -7.  TR is playful and I can sometimes see her coach's annoyance with her. I was surprised to discover that TR loves her coach.  The challenge with advanced gymnastics is the kids are constantly criticized and perfection is demanded. TR is a
perfectionist and competitive, so that may be why that coach-student  relationship works out.

 Early in the session, TR was reluctant to go to class because she could not do a full side split.  In her
other classes she was one of the best and that split wasn't done, so I think being around a group of
kids who are equally good and a coach with higher expectations, distressed her. She is improving 
after weeks of practice and her enthusiasm has returned as her skills have increased.

It's only been 6 weeks but some of those weeks were a battle for me.  TR asked to move to the class with more play. I was wavering because I want her to enjoy the sport but I can't teach my 4 year old that giving up is an option.  I told her that she is learning skills so she can eventually do all of the fun stuff she wants. Mr. A also wanted her to stay in the advanced class and not delay her development.

We asked the coaches and they said that though she is playful she is in the right class.

When this session began I was frustrated (and TR too)  because they seemed to spend most of their time working out instead of doing gymnastics.  Last week I had a Karate Kid moment and saw
how wax on-wax off,  translated into skills. 

The kids have been doing pull ups and last week instead of pull ups, they went to the bar, pulled up
and did the spins. Now I understand how the working out is developmental. I am glad I did not give up.

In this weeks class, TR did a full split, raised her entire body up on her arms (push up), raised her
legs and went into a handstand. Her teacher was amazed.  After class the teacher asked me if I had
seen her and told me how strong TR is.  The coach told me that they do not teach that age group what
 TR did, because kids that age can't do it. Then she walked to another parent and asked her if she had
witnessed what TR did and how strong she is.  The kids and I walked away as the teacher continued telling the other parent about TR. We had to get to football.

QT is 2 and in the gymnastics class with 3 and 4 year olds.  Apparently he is quite the topic of conversation among parents at the gym.  One mom told me her kids come home and tell their dad about a baby who can do all the stuff, the older kids can.

It's tough to have skills of older folks but the emotions of your chronological age.  I think that is another reason I prefer play based schools.  TR can learn things and not be penalized or disciplined
for wanting to play. I think she needs that balance. 

I think QT