Monday, February 27, 2012


I admit to bring a workaholic. My mom described my work style and basically described obsession. It is true I obsess.

I love my work. I get drawn in and consumed.

Mr A created a system to set timelines/deadlines for me case. The spreadsheet puts tells when the case should end based upon when intake was done.

In my mind I am developing a new vision for my business. I still want to do something creative, colorful and fun. I think I want to do a make up/beauty bar with a twist. If I can get enough money to lose I will make my beauty business happen.

I looked at the board of trustees for TR's private school. One of the parents hosted a fundraiser for the president. The mom is a jj mom. That type of stuff inspires. I want to mix and mingle with the big dogs and have my own. When these folks are telling me what business they are in I will be able to point to my ow successful enterprise.

It's good for me to interact with business owners who have done well. It motivated me to remain in gear. I am excited. There is so much I want, am willing, and able to do.

tiger tales

I am not confrontational. I tend to avoid conflict when I can. If I notice trouble my intial reaction is to ignore it and think the best of a person. I am not passive aggressive. I am explosive. If I was confrontational I would probably be less explosive. If I had a nature that addressed problems I thought existed, I surely would not explode when I get fed up.

Because I am explosive I tend to burn my bridges. May the bridges I burn light the way.(dylan mckay bevtailerly hills 90210).

I don't get bloggers who allow other bloggers to be intentionally mean and nasty to them. I don't deal with foolishness in real life or in virtual life. Everyone has a bad day but if that bad day means attack, then I feel its my job to flee. I have great self-perservation instincts.

I don't think there are any bloggers that have offended or upset me based upon their writings (that were not directed at me personally). Some folks read stuff that is not about them and get upset. I do not get that. Why be made at something you volunteer to read. You stop reading. I think people like to upset themselves.

I am pondering blogging about politics. I lean conservative and really dislike most liberal ideals. I feel like liberals are arriving at a place where God, religion and church is the enemy. Its an attack and I don't think I can or should be silent. I dislike how people who are ot liberals are cast as idiots, rich, and full of hatred. Why can't I think a baby is alive at conception? If it was not alive, the mother would not need the baby/fetus to be exterminated. Most of us don't spend time kiling things that lack life. I understand the fetus cannot speal and the mother can, so the fetus has no rights. I also think it might be better not to be born to a woman who wants to kill you. But that does not mean I will pretend the fetus is not a life.

I prefer peace. I may read some stuff and talk about the foolishness of it but it won't be received as a personal offense.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Glamorous life

I am sure what I find to be glamourous differs from what others find glamourous.

I think people who have time and desire to blog about makeup and clothes are glamorous. The people who live lives and keep up with the latest lip gloss and eye shadow trends are glamourous,

I don't feel like. I have the time or skill it devote to Beauty trends but I love going into stores and checking out beauty products. Maybe one day I will have the inclination to carve out the time.

TR loves makeup and nail polish. She loves all things girly. I have been using her nail polish. She has every color and when she wants more she asks my mom and sister. TR has started giving me beauty advice.


Saturday, February 25, 2012

When in wine country........

Do as the winos.

I am not really a drinker of liquor. I love California wine country and I love how red wine enhances a good meal. When I taste a red, I am thinking of what it might be paired with.

My appreciation of red wine is fairly new. I don't appreciate it as a stand alone drink. I appreciate how it with a meal.

This visit we toured Somoma county vineyards. We usually stay in Napa county. It's so weird because the area is so rural yet there is so much fine dining. We had breakfast at a restaurant and yelp folks gave it 2 and 3 stars. That food was great. It made me realize just how high the standard is. We went to a little mexican restaurant in the hood part of Santa Rosa and I know I will fantasize about that meal for some time. The place was on diners and drive ins.

We went to Korbel and had lunch. It was oh so wonderful. They had wonderful cheeses and meats. Yummy! Sononma also has free tastings. Napa charges.

I bought s port. It was so good. I had never had a port before. I had no idea that a dessert wine came in red. Wine country is lovely and close. It's a wonderful quick and romantic get away.


I lean toward homeschooling my kiddies. It would be a huge task and require a great deal of preparation. Mr A is not in favor of it.

I want to be sure my kids enjoy learning, learn how to learn and gain necessary skills. I met a bright young woman who did not know how to format a letter or address an envelope. That has me frightened. I lean conservative and I don't want my kids to believe they must be self hating, race hating, idiots if they aren't liberals. I have met way too many kids who were protesting issues based upon what their liberal teachers were saying. I want school without politics.

I am at the place where I have to decide. If I can pull together a quality preschool homeschool situation I will consider homeschool for kinder. Homeschooling will also allow us to maintain a certain amount of freedom as a family.

I have already located programs for home schooled children. The science centers in Berkeley and in L.A. have weekly science class for home schooled children. There are other weekly classes for language, English, arts, for home schooled kids. Home school Networks have good offerings for families and allow parents to get the benefits of school without the problems.

Of course there is also the private school option.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Technology and kids

Both QT and TR know how to use the IPad. The kids have shown us how to use different features.

Mr A and I are on a mini vacay and the kids are with my mom. This morning, my mom called me to explain to her cousin how to use it. I told my mom to give it to TR. They gave it to her and I heard TR walking them through it.

Then we did faceTime. I love being able to do a webchat with my kiddies.

I have been interacting with a 21 year old public school graduate. She is bright but is a victim of the test mania that has infected big city public schools since the mid-to-late ninties.

She is in junior college and expressed her frustration with her English professor who has the classvreading the entire novel instead of telling them what the test will cover. She said if she knew what the test will cover, she could focus on that. The love of learning was beat out of kids to teach to the tests.

I spoke to a teacher and he said memorizing the answers on a test is learning. That sounds odd. I think learning means understanding a process not remember answers. When I was in school, we got partial credit for getting the steps right even if the answer was wrong and no credit for an answer without showing your work.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Baby Brigade/intersection

One morning I looked out of my window and saw an army of babies/little kids in strollers with their nannies. The gang was waiting for my kids and their nanny.

My kids got in their stroller and they walked in the opposite direction of the park. I have no idea where they went. Maybe they picked up more babies.

I love the nanny circle!

Yesterday QT had a birthday party at the park. It was wonderful. The nannies planned everything and instructed us what to provide. Our nanny cooked food and every other nanny brought something. They are so organized.

There is usually a birthday party each month. QT got great gifts. The party lasted under 2 hours and I was tired as were the kids. I love the nanny and baby brigade!

I like that my kiddies get to build friendships and have these first few years of freedom before entering school. Once they hit kinder, they will have to obey a routine until retirement.


I have been practicing education law for 11 years. In 2009 I filed a lawsuit and part of the suit claimed a special ed teacher was retaliated against, in violation of federal disability laws, for advocating for her disabled students.

I figured that claim would be a fight but a few weeks after my case was filed the 9th circuit court reversed the dismissal of a different teacher who had the same claim. I thought I was about to make some law. I am glad I did not have to. My very first ed case, a federal special ed lawsuit is regularly cited in briefs. I once had opposing counsel use the case in a brief and I was like, heyyyyyyy, that's my case! I had no idea it was cite worthy.

Any way, I have this employment discrimination case and all my years of special Ed practice has been so vital. The employer has been lying their hind parts off. I have been able to disprove each lie.

I had heard about such unscrupulous behavior by attorneys but I have been blessed not to deal with it at this extreme. Good thing I had my special Ed background to fall on.

I am also grateful for timing. Divine delays. Ordering of footsteps and an obedient heart. When folks try to throw roadblocks, sometimes that is my signal to go a different way.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Portable people

I went to the park one day this week to watch my kiddies play. It was wonderful. QT thinks he is a big little kid. Since the park is full of babies, the 4 year olds are the big kids. QT plays rough so he does well playing with the 4 year olds.

I love watching TR play with her little friends. Oh the joy of childhood! I really want to enjoy this time as much as possible. Once they are at school full days, I will amp up business. Right now I am enjoying seeing them be carefree and innocent.

One of the best things about little kids is they are portable. You can just swoop them up and go on about your day.

The A family got two IPads. I finally got back into my car. My car locked me out. We were using a blank and apparently the computer got tired of it and locked up. The first road assistance person could not open it. I called the repair shop and she said to either break a window or call a person who could open it. The window would have been $300 so we called road side to send someone else.

The second tow driver got it open and Mr A took it to the repair shop and got a new key programmed.

TR said her mouth hurt so I put the kids in the stroller and walked the kids to the dentist. The lady at the repair shop told me if the car would start to bring it in right away or the computer might lock the ignition.

At the dentist a man had an iPad and was holding his daughter in his lap. TR practically jumped on the man and actually started turning the pages of what he and the little girl was looking at. I told Mr. A and he said we should go get the iPad.

When we got in the parking structure of the mall TR said she wanted to go to the computer store. Every time we go to that mall she takes me to the Mac store and goes to the kids iPad section.

I think these devices are great purchases. The kids can webchat with us when we're away from each other.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Office Nook

I really like my office nook. I re-arrange furniture pretty often. It makes me feel like I've moved to a new place and settles my itchy feet.

I am fairly certain my love of rearranging furniture comes from my mother. She rearranged the living room furniture pretty often and I loved it. My grandmother did the same. It was great walking into a new set up.

When we lived on the Eastside I rearranged the bedroom furniture but I could not move the living room furniture because of the placement of the t.v. We went to visit a few weeks ago and the living looked exactly the same.

I can not mentally survive in constant sameness. I either need to move or move stuff.

Anyway, I have work to do and limited time to get it done. I also have to order the cake and cookies for QT's party and I am locked out of my car.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


My new assistant started Saturday. She came Monday and it is such a mental relief to let go and know the paperwork I need to get done is getting done.

We live near the venue where an official pre-grammy event was being held. After I heard about Whitney I asked my assistant if she wanted to walk down there and see if anyone had other information.

Mr A told me not to turn my assistant into Sweetie. It would be so easy to turn her into my personal Sweetie, but I will refrain.

I am a grown up. I am glad to be older than other people. I used to be 20-something but a 20 something has never been thirty-something. It is so easy to die and growing old, older and being oldest is a blessing. I know my past but my future has no guarantees. Each day I finish and each day I begin is a gift.

I want to make list of things to do in Los Angeles and disseminate that list. Hollywood and Highland is a tourist area. When I visit places I like to experience what the people who live there experience. I think Hollywood is worth about 2 hours of time, no more. Tourists and aspiring entertainers litter the place.

TR went to her cooking class on Sunday. It was fun but I didn't want to eat the food. The group of 3 though 5 year olds, made sweets as a group. Those kids were licking spoons, licking fingers and all the things you don't want to eat after. The chef tried to have continuous hand washing but I saw too much.

We saved the amount of money I had said I wanted to have saved prior to getting office space, but I am still not ready. I rearranged the furniture and created a little office nook. If I grow more than I will make that leap. I was tired of feeling like my desk and work was taking up living space. Now that I moved things around it feels good.

Being able to have an assistant I trust to come here and work also lifts the need for office space. I will likely still get some in the near future but I am not feeling so rushed right now. The woman with the space I liked and the agent I was using both contacted me yesterday. We'll see what March brings. I am constantly trying to make quality improvements and make my business more efficient as it grows.

I want the growth to be controlled and well-managed.

TR will be two soon! He has grown into such a fun child. He keeps me laughing. I had thought he was going to be very reserved and on the shy side but he is hilarious. He fights dogs. I really want to stop that. One day a little dog was messing with TR and she was crying trying to get it away. QT jumped in between her and the dog, popped the dog and said stop.

Life is truly an adventure and these children of mine ensure the adventure occurs daily.

In other exciting news, Mr. A will now be coaching football and one of the top private boys schools in the state. Before we had kids, we would drive by the school and he would say he wanted his son to go to that school. It's an all boys school. I am looking forward to moving from the public schools to the more uppity private school ranks of L.A.

Connections shall be made.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


This is the commercial of Mr A's friend. It's the Hyundai commercial and he is the one running from the cheetah. He is the guy the woman was hitting on in the club.

I've linked a photo of Mr A's friend and TR. She was starting his birthday party at a Beverly Hills mansion.

Monday, February 6, 2012

the armoire

I love our new pieces. I should take a photograph of the hinges on the armoire. They are beautifully designed! The dresser in our bedroom is beautiful. I love "old" furniture.

I make pretty good purchases. The vanity vanity in TR's room, is hand carved and retails for $1k. I got it for a steal! It was a sample. I love expensive furniture and I love getting it for less than full price. I looked at the website and realized the store I've being lusting after designed Mar.iah Ca.rey's children's room.

We had a budget meeting tonight over Ethiopian. A lot of our budget meetings occur at Ethiopian restaurants. If we were a business we could write it off. We are trying to decide if we should get two Ipads or 1 Ipad and a kindle or something in that price range. I want the kids to have an Ipad because when we went to the Apple store TR was able to listen to the stories without my assistance. We tried the device at B&N and TR and QT left it alone. We had to pull them away from the Ipad.

I don't need an Ipad. I am fine with the lower priced device but Mr. A wants an Ipad and does not want to share his with the children. We shall see.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


The wives often claim complete ownership over being overworked and shouldering responsibility for so much.

I believe most husbands are also overworked and responsible for very very much.

The difference is, husbands do not whine. They get things done because they want to keep their family happy.

Yesterday I went to an estate sale a few blocks over. This was a real estate sale. There was real furniture, stamped and built. It wasn't furniture that arrives flat in a box and you insert screws. I love real furniture. I don't love the price of real furniture but its worth it, to me. I prefer my furniture to be wood all over. Some of the furniture is wood-like in the front and the back is some type of ply-board.

Saturday, I picked some furniture pieces I wanted. One was a beautiful wood, hand crafted armoire. I have been looking for one for a few years now. The ones I like are usually in the 2-3 thousand and up range which is not in my furniture budget.

Today Mr. A came to the estate sale and we got my stuff. We got home and getting the furniture home was all on him. He called up his friends with the truck, organized someone else to help him get the stuff loaded and unloaded.

Husbands do a great deal and don't seek praise. I wonder what women would say if a man went and got some stuff and the biggest part of the work fell on her. Folks would call that man all types of users and abusers and inconsiderate. When it happens in the reverse, that is just what husbands do.

I am going to try and complain less and remember that Mr. A does a lot. The difference is he does it without complaint and with a smile, so I don't ever feel like I've put him out.

It's super bowl Sunday and he is out moving furniture. What a man, what a man, what a mighty might good man.

Kiss your good man today!

Thursday, February 2, 2012


My mother has put TR and QT on an allowance. They are 3 and 1 respectively but because the ice cream man comes by the park each day they have expenses.

Today TR opened her mail and counted $5 in singles.

I asked TR what she planned to do with the money. She said, 1 was for the ice cream man, 1 was for the airplane, 1 was for church, 1 was for her piggy bank and 1 was for gymnastics. I love that she planned out and that saving and tithing were included.

I finished our taxes! I used to wait until October to file but last year and now this year I knocked it out. It's good to get that out of the way. As usual I utilized the home office deduction and vehicle deduction.

My kids are such people. It's fun to watch them be kids and relate and interact with each other. They keep me chuckling and if I didn't have to correct them for some of the crazy things they do, I'd laugh way more than I do.

It's amazing how little babies turn into people with their own personalities and wants and goals.

One of TR's park friends goes to the gymnastics school TR used to attend. The girl attended her party at that gym last year. I plan to re-enroll TR in the class her friend is in. I know both girls will love that.

Next up, TR will be taking a cooking class this month. I am so excited. If I can find a salon that does kid mani and pedicures, it will be lovely. TR has been asking to get her nails done. She loves nail polish and paints her nails herself, but she seems to want to get it professionally done. We have found the location for TR's birthday party. It's a tea party for kids. They get to dress up in gowns provided by location, they walk a runway and dine. I had wanted to do American Girl Place but this place is way more exciting. QT will have his party at the park which is always fun.

There is a birthday party at the park (amongst the nanny kids) at least twice a month. The kids love it.

I am feeling better today, so I am back on morning mommy duty.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I think non-stop work and little rest over the last few weeks has taken its toll on my body. I picked up a cold.

This morning I laid in bed and let the kids' nanny handle breakfast. I am still in bed. I'm starting to feel better. Rest was needed.

I might work later this afternoon. My brain and body need a break. I need to do something that serves no purpose.


There is so much foolishness occurring in the land of dating these days. It is hard to grasp that women are so hungry and bold. One woman told Mr A.'s friend that she knew he had a girlfriend but she was waiting on him to break up, so they could be together. Mr A said the speaker is very attractive. An attractive woman chooses to throw herself on the feet of an attached man. The guy's girlfriend is good looking and they have been together about 2 years. The friend is good-looking (he'll be in a supe.rbow.l commercial Sunday) but that does not justify throwing yourself at a man.

Mr A told a woman that he was married and she asked if he was happy. What does that matter? Another woman was driving past our building with a student and when they saw Mr A they came to a screeching halt and the student yelled, "there he is, there he is, I told you....." When Mr A asked where they were going the teacher told him. They had driven out of their way to pass here. What 30-something year old woman drives by a man's house hoping to catch him outside?

When did women start including men who were in relationships to their list of potentials? Why is a man with 2 kids desirable to a woman who is not his wife. Add a wife to those 2 kids and he would not be on my radar, if he wasn't my husband. When did teachers drive high school kids around and discuss the adult men the teacher has a crush on? Some of the students have told Mr A things the teacher has said about him.

There are minds that are enferma. Sadly these minds are teaching students. What are they teaching them?

One of Mr A's friends said meeting women isn't fun anymore. The guy was trying to flirt with a woman and she told him she was not wearing panties. What is going on?

I hear women advising other women about pursuing men and that there is nothing wrong with going to catch your man. When did this happen? Did women's lib lead us here? Women now have to pursue the man at the dating stage, and then share in traditionally male responsibilities but maintain the biological responsibilities that nature will not allow us to split. Child bearing, breast feeding, hearing your baby cry and not springing to action.

Back to my rest.....