Thursday, April 12, 2012

Things to Know

I'm making an ongoing list of things I want my kids to know. There are so many lessons.

If you want to rise, no man, no person can keep you down.
Perserverance is powerful. If you persist you can get through the doors that are closed.
When your talent satisfies a need, you have met your purpose.
Everyone is not your friend and does not need to be your friend.
Remember God.
There is a tomorrow. Don't let your today destroy your tomorrow.
Some people are mean and miserable, do not take it personally.
God made you an original, do not spend your time becoming a copy.
It's good to be unique.
You can be you, better than you can be anyone else.
Love and take care of your sibling.
Leave an inheritance for your children.
Put God first! If you have to put God second to make it work, it is trouble.

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