Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Excuse me if I am repeating myself........

I think I have found a new ballet class for TR. This studio is closer to home and offers more structure. Her current ballet class is a bit chaotic. The other kids go to school and I think they are too tired to do ballet after school. They need naps.

Her current teacher works on Glee and was a choreographer for a reality show, so she has been out a lot. I like her teacher. Its evident that she is a dancer. The woman who fills in, is a dancer but not a ballet dancer.

Mr A and I saw a house. It was a Spanish style like we want. It was also a short sale. The agent had 7 offers. The price for the area was great but we aren't desperate enough to get into a bidding war. Bidding wars are so 2004. Those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it.

TR and QT visited a preschool classroom today. All the teachers told me how well behaved and bright they are. That they played well and are ready for school. They won't be starting school for a while because I think play is most important at this stage.

If preschool was a play experience like it was during my youth they could go. But these schools are doing paced instruction in preschool. I think seat work can wait unless its arts and crafts.

Seeing how much they enjoyed themselves made me sad. I know TR would love the play based school we were waitlisted to. My little kids were totally focused on their play.

I used to consult entities on charter school development. Too bad I don't have the energy to start a playbased school because I have the know how.

I will make an effort to get the kids in another art class and give a bit of the school experience. The kid's nanny does not drive so I need to determine if I will drive or have them take a bus. The children's museum is a short easy bus ride.

Friday, September 23, 2011

on my toes

i told Mr. A that i am ready to move back to the bay. i am. There are lots of reasons to move and many to remain. The bay will be a total lifestyle adjustment. The weather, the proximity to arts culture, shopping, parks will be greater. We live within 10 miles of pretty much everything we want.

TR got a new pair of ballet slippers yesterday. Her old ones had gotten slippery. I paid a little more for this, like twice the price of the last. I have instructed her not to wear them on concrete. When she got the first pair, she tried to wear them everywhere and the result was slippery soles.

We had fun at The Dance Store.

Mr A's bestfriend was in the final 2 of Ultimate Merger. His name is Frank. He is "slim" on my Blog.

I tried to arrange a double date with my sorority sister and slim this past spring but she had a friend in common with his ex girlfriend. He was all ready to go out. I tell ya, its hard to date
at 30 something.

Bills Bills Bills

I still find it hard to wrap my mind around the idea that our monthly child care costs is within a couple hundred dollars of rent. My neighbor told me her nanny was $2k a month which was about the same as her rent. She separated from her husband and put her daughter in a childcare/school.

She said the cost got to be too much. I told my mom how much the nanny was and she said that wasn't bad. I guess its good for 2 kids but I do a little wow everytime we pay.

One of TR's friends attends that same school as our neighbor and she still has a nanny. The nanny drops her off and picks her up. Mr A and I want to still have a nanny when the kids start school and maybe for quite some time. If we move to the bay I am not sure how the nanny life will operate.

The nanny culture in L.A. is standard. All of TR's playmates have nanny's and most of the kids in her ballet class have them. The school we want has nanny policies....ie, do not give password to parking garage to nanny. If we move to the bay and have a nanny, some people may act likea nanny is akin to child abuse. But maybe not. We will be close enough to san francisco and palo alto for folks not to act offended.

Not that I care if people act offended. People do what they have to, to feel good about their choices and sometimes that means they act offended by the choices of others. My mommy listserv was discussing homecare vs. daycare. That usually ends ugly cause the sham will mention germs and kids who are always sick and the working mom will say the other kids get no socialization.

Day care has not always existed and kids socialized fine so I roll my eyes at that one. Anyway, I don't feel like I am in either camp. I have a nanny, I work part time from home and my kids socialize and play. Even if I did not work I would want some help. Ain't nothing wrong with having someone help.

Back in the old days when mothers were home, they would have other mothers and family who could ride in the car, run errands and help with children. I am trying to recreate that era.

Friday, September 16, 2011

My little artist

When TR got home Thursday, she told me she had wanted to pick a flower for my hair. She likes to pick flowers and give them to me. I told her she could draw a flower for me.

She sat down for a few moments, then her nanny got her and put her to bed. She was out like a light. I didn't look at the drawing until Mr A got home. We looked and realized that she had actually drawn a flower!

She is an artist! I always wanted a creative child.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What's happening Now

In the most exciting news, TR seems to be teaching herself to read.

I guess she heard that we would be sending her to a school where reading wasn't taught until 1st grade. Teaching herself to read must be her means of protest.

I have some tips from my mother and a sorority sister who is a reading specialist. I'll keep things fun for her. I had been wondering if she could read. When she is playing her computer games on Nickelodeon and I tell her to click on a word, she clicks the word. She also hovers over certain games that are listed only in print and no photos and tells me what that game is.

Last night at dinner, she went through the letters in Mr. A's shirt. I asked her what the next word was and she answered, Football! Mr A is indoctrinating both of my kids to football. How is that the first word she decides to read? I know I asked, but I didn't expect a correct answer.


I had a hearing yesterday and hired an expert witness. I need to do that more often. It totally changes things. I had to pay her but if we win, it will be worth the expense.


I love little babies. Deep sigh. If I was younger and wealthy I would certainly have at least two more. It's probably best that I not hold a sweet little newborn because I might ............ let me not complete that thought.


QT is so funny to watch. He loves his sister and what she does he will do too. He is refusing to wear diapers and is potty training himself. He gets the pot and takes his diaper off and says pee pee or poop poop. I gave him a chance the other day to prove himself and as soon as he left the pot he peed on hte floor.

I was sitting at my desk and he placed something in my lap. I looked down and saw his diaper. I looked at him and saw that he was bare.

I  think we started potty training TR at this age so it appears QT is demanding underoos.

My babies have grown so fast. They came so small and helpless and now they are people who tell me what they want. I try to drink in the moments because I realize how fleeting these childhood days are.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

sunny days

The A family has been busy. I need a family calendar. The weekend was packed full and it included church.


TR is loving her ballet class. She is a natural dancer (as everyone keeps telling me). I do wonder if she is really that good or if the other kids are that bad. When she is 4 and can enroll at Deb.bie All.en's dance aca.demy, I am sure I will know what is what.

I discovered that most of the kids in her class know each other. They attend the same Orthodox Jewish private school. She is working to make friends with the other girls. She is social like her daddy. Preschool cliques are as hard as high school cliques.

I don't have the energy for all of that. I notice many bloggers communicate via twitter and who knows what other electronic methods. I enjoy reading blogs and keeping up with the lives and adventures of bloggers through the blog. I don't want regular twitter updates on anyone's random thoughts or actions. Maybe social networking is where my ride ends.

I prefer to read blogs where the blog tells the story. I don't want to have to be a fb friend or twitter follower to know what the post is talking about.


We are still on the wait list for our top pick school. I haven't applied to any others. We like the play based philosophy of the school and its proximity to home.
Since we didn't get into the school for this school year, we may have to wait until TR is five. I don't have a kindergarten back up plan. I will not have my 5 year old in a full day academic class being forced to do 1st grade curriculum so she can get ready for a 3rd grade high stakes test.

I am not focused on the kids in China or Japan or how many hours they go to school. I do have questions about the cheap labor in China. But that is another post.

We were guests at the Bel Air Bay Club. We've been before but this was QT's first time. I loved it! If the wait list to become a member wasn't decades and if the cost wasn't a bunch of thousands each year I'd want to join, today.

It must be nice to be that type of wealthy or have wealthy friends who invite you to enjoy the luxury they can afford.

The kids enjoying ice cream after lunch.

The kids acting silly with Mr A.


I have been wanting to get new insurance for the A family. i just got a letter in the mail. Mr A's love of developing the children has earned us free private health care. Joy. That changes the game. That is money! Do ya'll understand that, that is money in the mail?

Update After reviewing the offerings, we'll be staying with the same health insurance provider. We'll also be able to keep our doctors. There was a note that said (paraphrasing)
X Medical Group is only available to current patients. You may
continue to use X Medical Group but you must call and confirm that you are a current patient.



Tuesday, September 6, 2011

mommy's home!

I was in hearing last week. It was rough because I was out of the house by 7 am and not back until 8:30 pm. I missed my babies! They missed me too. They are used to my being home. QT started waking up super early so he could spend time with me.

I could not handle that type of work day or commute on the daily. I felt like I missed so much of my kiddies life. My workweek is usually 20 hours and that is more than enough while my kids are babies. I was so happy for the hearing to end.

It is rough to leave home when they are barely awake and return shortly before they fall asleep. Money is not worth all of that for me. I will try not to let that happen again. Had the hearing not been 100 miles away, the day would have been 9 to 5:30.

We went to a high school football game last Friday. It was at a posh private L.A. high school. TR was playing and chatting with the red haired lady from Taxi. The rich and rich and famous really exist in a different world. It's as if they have a uniform that requires, hairstyles, clothes, sunglasses, weight and attitude.

The bathroom was super clean and had the automatic flush and faucet. These schools do not look like schools, they look like shiny office complexes. Visiting schools like that make me ponder if working 12+ hour days and making oodles of money is worth it.

If we worked like that we could fund all the fancy stuff but we'd be short on time. We choose to be present these early years and that limits the fancy stuff we can offer. Its not really a dilemma for me because I choose time with my family, but its a reality.

TR went to a birthday party a few weeks ago. The party began at 5. I was a bit surprised to see that nannies were there. One girls mom arrived a little after 7:30. Her parents are producers so I guess they have long hours.

My mom came to the park one day and the girl asked TR where her nanny was. TR told her she didn't have a nanny, she had a momma. I laughed. TR calls my mom, momma.

I was just informed that DWP will be shutting the power off in 15 minutes for an hour. Do they not care about my deadlines!!!!!!!