Thursday, September 30, 2010

More on More

written Thursday- its Friday now.

The kids and I went to the park today. I need to get some rest and work in. We'll do the space & science center tomorrow. It closes at 10 pm on Friday so a late start will be okay.

In the highlight of my day, a few weeks ago I signed up for a seminar at the school I want to send TR to. Mr A attended the seminar and shared the fabulosity of the school and the seminar.

Mr A went by himself because we are still out of town. I'm sad I missed it but Mr A briefed me and the school sounds amazing. The seminar was also amazing.

The presenter said, "prepare your child for the path, not the path for your child".

That is a hard thing to do but its reasonable. The presenter said that instead of parents tracking down the address of the director and sending gifts to gain admission, they should prepare their child for whatever school they attend.

The hard part is, my child is a child. Getting her into a good school is part of my effort to prepare her for the path.

The presenter discussed lots of things Mr A and I discuss. One thing I have to work on is, giving my full attention to TR when she is talking to me. I think we're doing pretty well in most other areas.

She talked about never telling your child no, when you know you will change the answer to yes. Its better to tell the child to convince you of a reason to agree.

The seminar had at least 200 parents present. I was expecting a small turn out but the parents are involved. The director told the parents that they must be actively involved in their child's education. A parent cannot drop the child off and expect the school to do it all.

It's amazing that public schools can't send that message. If parents were involved schools and student achievement at all schools would be better.

My mom and I were discussing schools tonight. She thinks I should save private school fees and put it toward college. I don't want to do public school because I don't want my kid to spend the bulk of her school years being groomed for tests.

The school in our neighborhood has an API of 900+. That scares me. I want to know if all they do is teach the test. Schools have curriculum set by the district, they have timelines to teach that curriculum set by the publisher and I don't like that.

I plan to check out the neighborhood school to see what the classroom instruction is like. I'd love to keep that money and save it for tuition for high school and maybe college housing expenses.

I have work to finish by 10 am and then the space center so I hope this makes sense.
Happy weekend to all!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Grizzly Peak

In 4th grade, I went to Lawrence Hall of Science once a week. My school sent the gifted kids there. I don't remember much, but I remember the statute of a dolphin and looking forward to leaving class. I also remember Strawberry Creek.

Today as I drove there, I realized the hall is high above the city and has sweeping views. I could clearly see the Golden Gate Bridge, the bay bridge, sausalito, alcatraz, farrallon island, the bay, the pacific ocean and much much more.

It was beautiful.

The kids were asleep when we arrived, so I toured the place to familiarize myself with the exhibits.

As I loooked, I realized that the Hall is geared toward engineering and physical science. Some of the engineering students had built a minature highway and were observing how people interacted with the structure. They had battery operated cars to travel the highway.

My favorite of the day was the roller coaster exhibit. It was amazing. There was a simulated roller coaster. You press a button and you can ride coasters from around the country. It felt so real.

My next favorite was the air blowers that cause the beach balls, and other items to float in the air.

The place is not too big, but its all hands on. We spent nearly 4 hours there. I look forward to returning. QT had a good time too, and stayed awake the entire time. When we got in the car and I put him in his car seat he was out.

I also discovered that science centers, like Lawrence Hall and California Science Center have weekly classes for kids who are homeschooled. It allows homeschool kids to get math and science. That's good to know, in light of school districts with weak to non existant science and math programs.

When we left I decided to go home a different way. I didn't want to go down the hill I came up. My alternate route took me to Grizzly Peak. The route I took was miles of two lane road, and hair pin curves through the forest of Oakland and Berkeley hills and steep drops. Scary.

When we got out of the mountains, I stopped at a light and heard a thump. I looked and TR was standing in the back seat trying to climb to the front. A few days ago she figured out how to strap herself in her car seat. I realized that also meant she could unfasten the straps and today she did what I knew was coming.

Had she done her exit strategy while we were in the mountains, I wouldn't have had anywhere to pull over. I tell you, I need a person in the back seat when driving with kids.

Next up, art class again and perhaps Chabot Space and Science Center.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm an artist

The kids and I went to the drop in art class at MOCHA this afternoon. It was great.

It isn't structured like TR's L.A. art class and the kids were able to walk around, do art, explore and get messy for as long as and as freely as they wanted.

My baby is an artist and she is serious about her work. Its nice that kids can go places and get as messy as the please. The place is an art studio sized for kiddies.

I need to find one of these spots in L.A.

TR started painting at the table on small paper. Then she moved to a large size paper and larger brushes.

She has never painted before- as far as I can recall- but she used long strokes.
I didn't give her any direction. I think she might have a strong creative side.
When she completed all the stations, I had to drag her out kicking and screaming. She did not want to leave. We may return tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to framing her masterpiece, it will look great on one of our newly painted walls.

In other things, I fail at getting us out of the house. We were up at 7:30 am. Breakfast was complete by 8:45. I had showered last night. The kids were both bathed by 10. We did not get out of the house until noon.

TR hid for a while, she ran from getting her scalp greased. I was letting her wear her natural but my mom took a few minutes to style it. I really don't know what happened.

Its hard to get two kids out of the house. I really think 2 kids require 8 adults.I
wish I could have brought TR's nanny.

Relax, Relate, Release

I am still stressing over preschool. I realize I should not stress, but until we have been accepted, I'll like fret over it.

I'm also realizing that there are lots of opportunities I am failing to expose TR to.
Once she starts school, her free time will be reduced.

I've sorta focused on arts and have skipped some science exploration. I don't always want to do the park so its nice to have other options.

So Tuesday will be an art class and perhaps a visit to Cal. Our science trip didn't work out on Monday. TR had a meltdown and took a nap at noon. I considered a trip to the zoo but parking is 7 bucks. LA Zoo has free parking and more animals but we may go just to roam around.

The heat was oppressive so being indoors is a better option.

There is always so much to do and the more I do, the more I discover needs to be done.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Golf, deers, and science

My mom's backyard sits on a golf course. Having lived here a lifetime I barely notice the golfers. I see them but I don't notice them.

Saturday TR got something out of her imaginary back pocket. She put it on the floor and swung a long dipper spoon at it.

She did it again and I realized, she's golfing!

She had the moves down. Kids are observant and do what they see.

Friday before dark, TR and I were outside playing some imaginary game. TR's imagination is quite developed. We were running from something, hopping over things and taking breaks to pick up tools to fight what we were running from.

I noticed a doe with its head in the portion of the fence that is open to the golf course. I grabbed TR and we ran inside. I didn't know if the deer was gonna back out.

Saturday morning the gardeners notified my mom that there was an animal in the yard. I am guessing the baby deer was stuck. We called the worthless police who called back 5 or 6 hours later.

It appeared the deer had left.

Later that night, we saw a woman standing in the golf course by our fence. After a while of her not moving I asked her if she needed assistance. She said a deer was stuck. The deer had laid down and we couldn't see it.

The fire crew came and got him out, gave him water and left him in the golf course. While they were lifting him he started neying and TR said, baby. I had never heard a deer make a noise but it was clear that it was a youngun. The next morning my mother found the deer back in her yard. I have no idea how or why he did that. We called the animal ambulance.

When we got home from church they had got him. They said they might have to put him down. That was traumatic from start to finish.

Today, the kiddies and I are headed to the lab in Berkeley. I'm sure TR will fall asleep as soon as we get in the car, because she refuses to nap.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Mr A finished painting. I am looking forward to getting back and getting my home accessories together. This is my room inspiration.

I chose the paint colors and then searched for photos with the same colors.

I plan to get a cream slip cover from PB. We already have the pillows, dark wood, dark brown chair and black mirror. The mirror is black outside and gold trim inside.

The kids have white rocking chairs and TR has a pink chair, so our new decor will have this color scheme but with kid furniture.


My mom and I were driving through West Oakland and while its still hood, there are sections that changed. The bay area is a great place to live in a Victorian home. I love how they are built. Berkeley is also on my victorian home search list.

Berkeley is a great city but its 10 degrees cooler than Oakland. Its a few miles but it sits between the Bay and the hills, so the cool air gets stuck. Oakland has moderate weather, and if I don't have warm L.A., I want moderate Oakland.

Mr A said he'd be willing to live in a Victorian, so that is now on our list of places to consider.

Spanish style is slightly out of place in the bay because we don't have the weather. Spanish styles have patios off the bedrooms and the dining room. The victorians seem suited to cooler bay area weather and marine layer.

So its nice to have options.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents,
it was loaned to you by your children.
We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors,
we borrow it from our Children

Since reading about the nut who slapped the crying baby in Walmart, I have been on guard and ready to fight.

To all the children haters- children are people too. You used to be a child and someone should have kicked your father in the testes prior to his inseminating your mother with you. That way you would not be a child/baby hating adult.

Yesterday the kids and I were out and QT was cooing. He wasn't crying, he was making happy baby noises.

This heifer leaned toward him and said shhhhh, she could not hear.

I was on my way out when she said that, so it took .0001 second for me to turn to her and tell her I would slap her. I also looked at her husband so he would know I'd get him too.

As I walked I leaned toward her and told her that she is to talk to a parent not the child if she has a problem. It took all I had not to jump on her throat. I thank God for my mind control because it was required to not create a ruckus and end up jailed.

I know some people like to eye kids and make silent and sometimes loud comments. That's fine. But you child haters don't own the world. You actually are borrowing it from the kids you are so annoyed by. Just like you lent it to your parents during the childhood you have forgotten.

But please know as you ponder saying something to a child, that there is a mother like me who is waiting and who is tense with the need to kick you in your f*ing throat.

You may have nothing you'd be willing to die for but understand I will kill and die to defend my kids from a child hating adult.

you borrow the world from them so YOU shut the h3!! up.

Kelly Moore

I thought paint from home depot was low end paint. My mom goes to Kelly Moore so I thought that was the paint you use for the walls you own. Apparently Home Depot has pricey paint and I managed to pick it out.

Mr A went to buy the colors I chose and one of them was $35 a gallon and a gallon would only paint one wall. The rest of the colors were also on the high end of Home Depot paint. One of the colors was a plaster not a paint.

The paint people didn't tell me that. That's the nice thing about Kelly Moore. They help you color choose and they mix custom colors. They talk to you about the paint.
If we're paying that much then I could have gone to Kelly and got the service. Of course I am not putting high end paint on walls we might be leaving next summer.

I still don't know if I want to stay in L.A or live in the Bay. I do know I need to decide before TR starts school so she won't have to readjust. I'd like my kiddies to be able to go from k-12 with the same group.

Its summer in the bay, but I miss home. I miss Mr A. I am so offended that the high speed train does not exist. A 2 hour trip from the bay to L.A. would be beautiful. Flights are too challenging plus I hate flying. I like to be on the ground. I read the train should be built by 2018 or 2025.

I'll probably be too old to want to make regular trips but my kids should be vibrant enough to enjoy it. They can go to UCLA or Cal and make a spur of the moment choice to spend a weekend at home if they want.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I called my cousin today and she came by and spent some hours with the kiddies and me. It was fun hanging with my girl. She came to L.A. a few months back and escorted TR back to Oakland on the plane.

My baby is a frequent flyer. She loves airplanes. I hate flying but flying with her makes it fun and makes the flight go faster. I battle down my fear so I don't handicap her. No need for both of us to be nervous.

People always ask her if its her first flight. I tell them that it is not and that she flies all of the time.

Most of my friends are cousins. I think I never built non relative friendships because I had automatic friends in my cousins. Cousin friends didn't require any weeding out process.

Our mothers put us together.

I have one cousin my age in L.A. Our great- grandfathers were brothers, our grandmothers were first and best cousins. So that makes us 5th cousins but our family lines were bred the same so our lifestyles are the same. We enjoy each other.

I ponder building friendships but cousins and family friends understand my oddities.

I may work on building quality acquaintanceships.

I think kids help. When TR likes a kid I get the parents contact info. I am arranging meetups for her best buddy at the park. TR is going to be a happy girl when we hit the Grove or Giggles and Hugs and her friend is there.

I think she thinks the girl is only at the park. We walked there on Sunday and she was saying thee girls' name.

A happy child makes for a happy mommy.

Fortunately TR has a few cousins her age so she'll also have the cousin experience.

Kid genius

I understand why parents think their young kids are genius.

Little kids learn and retain much faster than adults. So on Tuesday a kid can't do A but on Thursday they can. Genius!!

I'm pretty sure TR is gifted but one of my favorite quotes is:

“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan "press on" has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race”

I think smart folks may be at a disadvantage because they learn to internalize failure. Regular minds learn that things may not come quickly or easily but preserverance pays off.

Then there are the smart people who brag on the multiple masters they don't use. Masters are great and necessary but is more than 1 necessary?

Anyway I watched part of Oprah and the Superman mess. I think a school can mess a kid up but I think parents and families have more to do with a child's success. A parent has 22q

I'm willing to pay a premium to get my kids educated in an environment where the families value education, entrepreneurship and freedom. I don't want my kid institutionalized and believing a degree will ensure success. I don't believe that, I believe preserverance and discipline will ensure success.

I don't want my kids giving up on dreams because it didn't work out the first or third time.

I don't think school or education is a pancea. I do think kindergarten is vital because its a foundation. I won't be the parent that enrolls my kid in a highly rated school and think my job has ended. Nope, the work continues.

I'm not raising kids to have a career or a job. I'm raising tycoons. They can do whatever they wan\t but I am equipping them to be able to do whatver they want, even if their whatever is whatever.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Hate Within

The kids and I are going to spend a week or so in Oakland.

Why?..... Because I hate football. Really I hate it. I've pondered spending the bulk of the football season there.

This week the game was on Thursday but Mr A found something football related to do on Frday after work. He got home around 6:30 pm and we went to dinner and then to Nordstrom. I think we got home around 10 pm.

3 whole hours!! Whoop deedoo.

So I was sitting here with TR whining and QT crying while Mr A volunteers with other folks kids. Keeps me pissed.

But if I complain then I'm the meanie because he doesn't do other excursions that take him away. I'm not sure when he'd have the time for other excursions since football is 6 days a week (he corrected me on the 7 days). Sunday is spent watching football. I wonder do men get paid to watch the game? its like a job.

He thinks I'm crazy for saying he may as well has stayed on his job if he was going to trade it in for football. If he heads to practice at 1:30 then anything we try to do has to end before 1 pm. He doesn't get in from practice until 6 and game nights are about 10. So what am I supposed to do at 6 pm and later?

At least the job was paying 6 figures, including a car allowance. Football costs. Football even requires he do work at home. If it wasn't for football we probably wouldn't need a nanny.

I'm not looking forward to loading and unloading two kids, luggage and car seats on a plane by myself but I don't look forward to spending my days playing second to pigskin (I think that is what footballs are made of).

The original plan was to travel to the bay at least once a month- but football came along and there is no way to do that because he has to be here for football and he has to get back for football.

This year I was informed that football would be in the middle of Thanksgiving. Wow. So now football is impacting my holidays.

I tell ya! Football started off a few days a week. Not its 6 days including evenings.

Painting the children

On Saturday I chose paint colors. I considered doing a green
accent wall but decided that Mr A should not have
to endure life all frilled out. I choose a masculine color.

When I got home I showed TR the colors, the books I had and
the walls the different colors would go on.

I tried to show Mr A but I don't think he was too interested.

This morning I decided to put the samples on the walls to show
TR what things would look like when we return.

Things went fairly well with the first sample. I got a little paint on the
table but Mr A was able to get that. Of course he told me that is why
women don't need paint brushes. Ha Ha!

This woman likes to come home to painted walls so I have no
objection to chauvenism in laborious home improvement

On to the second can.

I took TR into my bedroom an saw little guy was up. TR tried to climb in his
bed and smacked him in the head while doing it. I took him out
and gave him to Mr A.

TR stayed in his bed.

So I shook the paint. Apparently I had opened the can
in between my moving kids around. Half of the 8oz sample went
on me, the floor and QT's bed.

Good thing QT wasn't in it. TR was spared.

Mr A came and rescued us. The paint drying on my hands

TR got in the paint that was still on my foot. She managed to get
it on her feet, knees, and back. I think I got it all.

That was a wrinkle in my morning I hadn't accounted

I will leave the painting to the menfolk and women
who enjoy it.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tag Team

I have a top school chosen. It's my top pick based on reviews, the head of schools statement
about the school. She wrote that they teach using enduring teaching methods.I hope
that means no teaching to tests. I like the schools proximity to home. It's only 4 miles.

The school is one of the top preschool and elementary programs in L.A. without the
outrageous price tag. Mr A said the preschool tuition is more than his high school
tuition. But he was in school in mid 90's so with inflation it may be equal.

When I told Mr A the price he started backing up. I think it was subconscious. I plan
to apply for financial aid. When I told him that I think he
started breathing again.

I read that billionaires go to the school. But they have to
go somewhere too. There are also kids whose household income is 20k/year.

The reviews said only the parents care about incomes. The kids and teachers do not.

Before we had kids we discussed whether we would do private for
elementary or high school. I think Mr A wanted private
for the whole thing. I wanted public so my kids would
have real life exposure. We compromised but I can't recall
what the agreement was.

When my kids were just ideas, exposure seemed reasonable.
Now that I have met them I don't want to send them to a hood
school just so they learn social lessons. Especially not in
L.A. It's too big here. I am willing to pay for a small school experience.

Some of these elementary schools here, are built as large as
high schools at home.

I am looking forward to touring the school but I am a bit scared to submit
the application. I don't want to ruin my kids chances. I am treating this like
an app to Yale.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Start Now

To all the childless women, start now. Whether you are single and not dating or marred and waiting to procreate, start nursery school/toddler program shopping now. Get your unborn kids on waiting lists.

Entrance to the top universities starts at at 9 months.

I would prefer my kids to to Cal or UCLA for undergrad. Its free! But I want them to have the option to go anywhere.

The football team played a private school last Friday. I felt like I was going to see Carlton and Ashley Banks walking around. The school is located in one of the multi-million dollar areas of L.A. The kids I saw were diverse, and that had no correlation to the football team.

I parked amongst Cayenne Porsches, Maserati Sedans, and other vehicles that could buy a house in parts of the country. These cars were driven by teens. Must be nice.

One of our couple friends joined us at the game. They work in the industry. He's a writer and she does film (they are why we go to Dis.ney free). They told me little facts about the school and some of the kids who graduated and attended.

I googled the school once we got home. I then googled admissions and discovered that to get into one of these high schools, you have to go to certain nursery schools, to help you get into the right kindergarten. Then you can rest. These high schools then feed into the top universities.

The preschools cost 20k a year so really, its the wealthy paying to keep their kids in wealthy networks. I do not hate the game.

Then I looked at one toddler program that we could afford and the wait list is 10 months. What is even more ridiculous is the program only takes kids at 9 to 14 months. So that means I should have applied before the birth of the kids.

I kid you not, this stuff is giving me an ulcer. I need to end this post now because my belly is burning thinking about it.

Sew What?

I have found a sewing class! Joy. I think it's a pretty cool program.
You start small, advance to a skirt, then a party dress, and then a 1950's party dress with collar and other tricky things. The goal is after you are done you are equipped to sew.

I'm looking forward to the party dress. Maybe I'll be inspired to make pretty dresses for TR.

I took a sewing class in Oakland back in 2004. It was full of seniors who knew how
to sew.

I took my dress pattern in and the instructor put it in a box. She started me out making a pin cushion.

Then I got scraps to make a pillow. The pillow came out great. I recently threw
it out. It lasted 6 years!

Then I bought muslin but I never got around to using it.

I was taking sewing 2 nights a week, a business class 2 nights a week, I was subbing and working in my office. That same year my gf and I hung a shingle, got office space
and I was in my offic every afternoon until one of my classes began.

I was also working out, volunteering and socializing. I was home one night and woke up unable to breath. I told my mom to take me to ER.

I stayed calm but when we arrived she wanted to look for a parking space. Through labored breath I told her "let me out".

I walked in to ER and laid on the floor. I said, "can't breath, it hurts."

They tested my oxygen and immediately gave me a mask. Air never felt so great.

Everything else is a blur. I woke up in a hospital room with a nurse trying to give me an iv and was being moved to icu.

I do recall telling my mother to call me when AI came on. I got the phone and voted for Fantasia as many times as I could.

The hospital tried to kill me a couple of times. While in the regular room I got wrapped up in cords but was too weak to work my way out. It was stopping my
circulation. I kept telling the nurse but she told me I was imagining it.

My mother called but my line was busy. She called the nurse station and another
nurse came. I was wrapped in the phone cord.

The next day I was in ICU. The bad nurse had put an iv in my arm and taped over it.
When I moved units, they did not know it was in.

After a week I was complaining of pain and my mom discovered the iv. That iv nearly killed me and extended my stay by 2 weeks. Then I spent the next few months in wound care and physical therapy.

My arm wouldn't bend at the elbow. That vein is now unusable for blood draws and I

We settled without a lawsuit but really nothing is enough for that type of avoidable malpractice.

Where was I? So now I have a young family, a growing business, sorority business, pilates plus, kid activities and I'm adding more to my plate.

This time I know to get rest. I want to do it all but my body has to have time to recover from doing it all.

Maybe I'll rest during the 1 month that there is no football.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


We hit the 8 am service today. It was rough because Mr A was scouting on
Saturday night and got home late. When he arrrived he had food so we all ate.

I ordered in from Village pizzeria. They told me 45 miniutes and showed up more than
one and one-half hour later and after I cancelled.

My sweet little girl was hungry so I made her leftovers. Boo to village pizzeria.
The owner had the nerve to tell me they were swamped with studio orders.
Sorry buddy, industry people eating does not fill me up.

After church Mr A met with the coaches. Football is now seven count it 7
days a week. The coach lives between two trendy main streets. One in
Hollywood the other in L.A.

The kids and I walked one main street and hit a bike store and a kid shoe store. We walked back by
the coaches house but Mr A wasn't finished.

We walked down to the next main street.

I had read about and often pass an organic grocery store. It's
more expensive than whole foods. Madness!

We went in there and it was great. A juic bar sat toward the front and it was noon happy

Every aisle I turned I saw celebrities. I guess it's easy for them to stay
thin shopping there. They were working actors not reality people.

Most of them stopped me to comment on how adorable my sleeping
kiddies were. Sleeping kids look adorable. TR and QT hold hands in
the stroller so that might make them adorable while awake.

I estimate I need a 100k/yr food budget to feed 4 people out such

We've been slowly introducing more pricey foods into our budget. Cage free eggs,
were easy after that salmonella madness. The more we make the more
it costs to live. I am grateful our needs get met. We have our daily bread
and that is a blessing.

Pricey food and pricey schools, will keep us working. It's awful
that non toxic food has a premium price, all food should be non-- toxic and free
from hormones and abuse.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Biz Planning

Below is my outline to build my business plan.
I think Number 1 is going to take the longest. I'll likely work on it throughout
my process of developing my business plan.

I have the larger vision but I want to fill in the smaller details of the vision/mission statement.

1. Define a vision/mission statement

2. market research

3. Competition

4. Marketing Strategies/Reaching your customer

5. sales

6. Planning Operations

7, Business operation/expenses

8. Costs of business

9. Banking and Record Keeping

10. Cash flow projections

11. Financial case study/break even analysis

12. Financing your business

13. Short term/long term action plans and goals

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I am a woman who believes the husband should
be willing and able to support the family.

I am a woman who is driven and feels I have
too much talent and ability to sit down and not accomplish
things, while my husband supports my chair.

I don't think it takes all day to make dinner, clean a house
and support your spouse career. I started out as a SAHW and
was quickly in need of stimulation.

It does take a whole day to parent and develop your children, but
it's still nice to stimulate other parts of yourself.

I have a stirring inside of me that makes me want to
achieve my potential. I feel like my kids cannot reach their
full potential if I stop short of my own. I am their role

Maybe if I was working a job and was not a business owner
I would feel differently. I want to leave something for
my kids beside mere cash. I want to leave them with a
business that has earning power.

So since I am a work at home mom, I've decided to work T, W, Th.
Monday is business management and Friday is a nonwork day.

I'm trying to do it all but maintain realistic goals.

Eventually my kids will be in school. I could stop
now and ramp up when they start but I choose to
maintain and grow. Their baby years are fast and I want
to enjoy the moments.

My kids are free to interrupt my work for hugs, kisses
and conversation. Then they return to play. It gets hectic
at times but most days are good and I feel good on the inside.

My cousin just dropped by and we had lunch and prailines
from Lorettas. I enjoy such improptu afternoons. More later.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hair Cocktails

One of the fun parts of having a little girl is girly
stuff. TR loves playing with imaginary makeup with my real
brushes, she loves purses, shoes, jewelry and dressing up.

TR playing with a wig My mom has to hide her wigs because TR likes to put them on and play.*

It's quite fun. I am not super girly, I lean bohemian, TR is
totally L.A. It's funny how kids are who they are. Fortunately she has
hair that can be washed and neatly styled. I tell Mr A is a luxury to have
the option of washing, pulling a bun and looking neat and proper.

I have discovered a good combo for TR's hair. My primary concern
for her hair is health. I also want to figure out what will
make styling easy as she ages.

Right now I wash it with creme of nature conditioning shampoo.
I have used the stuff on my hair for probably 15 years. I love it.
That was automatic. It leaves her hair soft and manageable.

I use just for kids hair milk conditioner.

For daily styling I use either carol's daughter hair milk, carols daughter leave in
conditioner, or tiny twirls by kinky curly. The tiny twirls leaves
her hair curly but for most days I twist her hair to protect it.

When Mr A does her hair he tends to braid the sections. I don't like
unbraiding it, so I stick with twists.

I don't brush it because I lost my paddle brush. I need a new one for post
hair washing. It's feels great on the scalp. Since I lost the brush I just comb.

I rarely use a bristle brush. It's probably been since 1994 that I brushed anything
beyond my edges with a bristle. My hair stays super healthy so
I have no plans on changing my habits.

As long as TR's hair remains healthy, strong and growing I will keep her hair care regimen the same.

TR and my mom in my mom's backyard. My mom put fish in one of the bird baths and is explaining things to TR. They had a conversation about the fish.

* To anyone who wants to get ignorant about the table in the photo with TR. The table was hand made by my grandmother's brother, my mom's uncle Oscar. He was 14 when he made it in the 19030's. My mom loves the table, it is well built and solid oak. This is furniture that you cannot assemble and unassemble. Its real- and did not arrive in a box.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


While TR was on summer break with her granny, my mother started giving her vitamins.
My mom did some research and came upon Child Life Vitamins at the health food store.

I like them and apparently they are the most popular child vitamin at both the health food store and Whole Foods. For some reason TR does not like the taste. TR takes cod liver oil in a spoon, licks her lips and says, yum, but she does not like the taste of these vitamins.


Anyway this stuff is $18-$20 for an 8 oz. bottle but I think its worth it.

Toddler Art

Today was TR's first day of Art Class, both of us had fun fun fun.

The class of 45 minutes and every second was full of activity. TR was asleep before we made it a to the main street heading home.

We started out with a story and then did an art project based on the story in the book. Then we decorated maracas and made and decorated rain tubes.

This class is 1 of 4 and we'll probably skip a session and sign up for the next.

One reason I love L.A., is the plethora of activities available for moms and their babes.

If you know of any fun toddler/baby classes/programs, please leave a message in my inbox or with the name and location.

Note: TR's nanny came with us. She seemed to have fun too.


Saturday, September 4, 2010


It's football season! I'm not a fan but Mr A loves it. I enjoy watching
him coach the kids, and I enjoy being out there in the sun. Those kids
can be entertaining. One day a boy roared as he practiced moving the ball
past the people trying to block him.

Mr A told one boy that his daughter could hit harder than that. The boy told mr A that TR was
gansta. She is!

It's also the start of sorority business after a summer break.
I shall be at the next meeting with my pearls on. The busy part
of our organization coincides well with football season.

My cousin informed me that L.A is a city where one must
be connected or you'll think no black people are here.
I think that thought every day but Sunday at church. So
its time for me to get connected.

Of course I'll also have to earn more. This stuff is costly!
There is always a fundraiser. I just spent 60 bucks to attend a
$20 lunch and fashion show for another sorority.

I'm looking forward to FINALLY (ceasing my procrastination) to getting
back to life outside. I am also looking forward to taking TR to a meeting.
I won't be chairing anything but I will do what I can.

Mr A's alum association is having it's annual beach party at a beach club. Imagine 90210 and the beach cabanas.
That is exactly what it is. But last year it was cold.

I am going to work on my business plan this holiday.
I intend to blog about the process. I considered using real
numbers but decided against. I don't need to open that stuff up.
The IRS or some other governmental robin hood agency might be reading.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Single Jeans

A few days ago I put on a pair of jeans I used to wear when single. They FIT. They buttoned, with room at the waist and they hang like they used to.

Some way, some how my body (with the exception of my belly) has returned to its former glory. Marriage didn't add any weight. Before we got married I was trying hard not to lose weight because my dress was fitted.

I'm not a scale type of person, so I'm not sure what I weigh. I do mirrors. If I can go into a store dressing room and not leave an emotional wreck then I know my fitness goals are doing well. Store mirrors tell true stories. Scales, are just a number.

Kids have not wreaked havoc on my body. If you see me obese in 15 years I may still cite them as the cause.

I was just looking at our St. Martin photos. We lived it UP. Oh my. It was as if we were young and on top of the world. Swimming in the sea, enjoying wonderful cuisine, 8 hour spa days and good friends. Can't wait until next year.

Next year our short list is Greece, Grand Cayman, Bora Bora. I want to do Greece and country hop. I love city stuff. I love beaches too, but I'd choose city touring over beach laying. Plus we're taking the kids so I want to do the tourist thing.

TR's nanny resumed today. Summer is officially over for us. Her Mary Poppins got a full time job, so her niece is now the nanny. Mary Poppins was truly a spoonful of sugar type of woman. Hopefully I'll be able to steal her back, soon.

I was in the Bay a week so playing with the kids was my only exercise.

This week has been settling back in with 2 kids. But starting today I am back on my work, exercise, social life grind.

My l.a. cousin is pushing for me to get the kids in some childrens groups. She grew up like it seems they are, with few black playmates. She does not want them to suffer like she did.