Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What's going on?

TR is using 4 word sentences. She says them clearly enough that others (other than mommy, daddy, granny) can understand her.

She can count. Mr. A's friend asked her for candy (yes we give her candy) and she gave him a bunch of pieces. He told her he only wanted one and she took all but one back.

Mr A has been counting with her for a while. I didn't know they were doing that and she seems to associate the amount with the number. Go TR.

I have not heard from the nut who tried to steal my client. Business is going well. Summer is approaching and business slows down. The benefit of working primarily in education is the summer vacation.

TR's 2nd birthday is quickly approaching and we are planning a Princess Tiana/Mardi Gras themed party. We will have a real kids party so adults who do not enjoy watching kids play will be painfully bored.

I need a new digi cam. I have a coupon so I need to get on that otherwise QT is going to be hurt by the pitiful photo documentary of his early days.

People keep saying QT looks like Mr A. One of the gym instructors told me QT had wavy hair, she then tried to clean up asking me if Mr A was the daddy.

I thought most everyone knew about little chocolate baby's hair.

This morning I took QT and TR to the park. It was fun. This was my first solo outing with my two under two. I wore QT and pushed TR in her car.

We've been looking for a double stroller but I dislike them all. I would like a streamline design that allows both kids to sit.

I still have not hit the gym or mocha moms or a sorority meeting. I do have a gym partner. QT is just 2 months so I don't feel too bad. It takes a little while to adjust to two kids. I will find my stride.

This year I filed our 2009 taxes early. I filed them before I filed our 2008 taxes. We had a great year so I thought we would owe, but we got a refund. The reason I delayed in filing our 2008 was because if we owed for 2009 I wanted to have the 2008 refund there. As self-employed people I never want to owe or underestimate. Bank interest is not high enough to begrudge the feds from using my money.

Mr A and I have the destination for our summer trip with his classmates. I really hate travelling/flying but I enjoy vacation. Its quite the dilemma. If only I could teletransport myself and my travel companions life would be amazing.

My plan is to upload a photo. Laziness prevents me. I forgot my photobucket password and I don't want to upload directly to blogspot/google because google keeps the stuff forever.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Without honor

I have worked for a few firms and stealing a client has never entered my thoughts.

I blogged about the attorney I hired and let go when I learned she was a nut. This is the attorney
that asked me how I got clients and I was kind enough to share the info.

Today a client called to inform me the "released" attorney had shown up at a meeting. The client was confused because I had told her the girl was not working for me.

The nut told the client she was confused and thought she still had the case. Then when we told her it is unethical for her to pretend she works for me she said
she thought the client was hers. Such a liar! I am the court appointed attorney and the nut is anxious to get her own clients but does not know how the process works.

I guess she tought she could steal the client. I can't figure out anything more than the chick is crazy. I guess the bad economy is making her take extreme measures.

The most nutty thing is she is attending meetings that she can't bill for. So she is volunteering.

I will be doing mental health screens in the future and asking more indepth questions.

The client was scared and confused. The crazy girl could mess up my client relationship.
I do not know if that is her goal or if she is truly an idiot. I am not trying to find out and I am just hopeful she stays in her corner of the valley.

I was kind enough to tell her how to get the court appointed clients and instead of using that resource she wants to mess with
My business.

But clearly she has no honor and her lack of honor has nothing to do with me.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Break for Spring

TR hopped a flight and is being spoiled by her granny. My cousin was kind enough to fly to L.A. and escort her back to Oakland. I don't like to fly do I am grateful she was willing. I'm also QT's food so I stick pretty close to him. He is an on demand eater so I have not been able to pump. I pumped a bit the first few days but that got difficult because I was having too much milk.

Next week is my 6 week check up. I will be glad to get doctors out of my uterus and inner and outer parts.

The house feels so empty and quiet without the queen. She adds non stop activity. Now that I have 2 kids I realize that 1 kid is easy. When we were getting ready to take TR to the airport, QT started crying for food. I unbuckled his car seat to feed him and TR starting coughing and choking on apple juice. Then she coughed a bunch of juice out. I rushed to her because I did not want her clothes to get wet with the juice she had spit out.

QT stopped crying and waited while I tended to TR. Mr. A was like, "we have 2 kids". These little people literally keep you on your toes. Mr A got TR and I fed QT. We left 15 minutes later than planned.

Getting to the park and playing inside is easy. Trying to get somewhere on time can be a challenge especially since I have a time handicap.

I used to wonder how my mom was able to manage 4 kids without mental collapse. She seemed to enjoy it all. I now see how enjoyable it can be, especially if I organize, prioritize and relax. TR picks up routines quick. If we do something twice she will do it on her own the third time.

She made me conscience that I dothe same things. I used to put oj in a white sippy cut, apple juice in bottle and milk in a cup with a straw. One day I offered her the bottle and she said no and went to the fridge and got the oj.

She knows where her favorite snacks are kept. When she wants cheese she goes to the fridge, and when it's opened she touches the cheese compartment and says' dheeze. When she wants crackers or a cookie she stands under the cabinent and says 'gaka' or 'cookie'.

When her nanny comes she immediately gets her park/sand toys.

She even has identified the indicators that we are leaving. I still have not figured out how she knows. It used to be getting the keys out but now she knows before we do that. We must have some type of body language she has picked up on.

Kids are interesting.