Sunday, November 29, 2009

Giving Thanks

I had a wonderful holiday. I got to hang out with family and friends and eat and be merry.

Mr A and I spent the 4 days with my soror who lives near my mom. On Friday our hosts best friend and soror came to visit from Texas.

So it was 3 of us, all of our husbands coach football. It was great to commiserate about the life of a coaches wife and true football lover.

Then we (the ladies) went to the debutante ball. I feel like I should watch "Something New." That movie has a cotillion scene. I look forward to the day when TR is a jr deb and then a deb.

I got to hang out with my good girlfriend at Thanksgiving and meet her boyfriend.

I feel refreshed from four days of social options and fun people.

Getting it together

We are firing Chase. Wamu gave free cashiers checks and Chase now charges $8. It's not the same bank.

I've never liked big banks and kept my accounts at small ones. WAMU bought 3 of my small banks so I gave up looking for new smaller ones. Clearly they were determined to get me as a customer.

We've been paying bills out of Mr A.'s account and I think its a bit unfair that he is required to keep up with what I'm spending, what he is spending and what I am spending.
I've been meaning to open a separate account just for bills. I wanted a credit union or a small bank. I like the bank where my attorney-client account but that would be asking for trouble. I don't want to tempt myself so I keep that bank business only.

Mr A mentioned his classmates gave glowing reviews of U.S.A.A so I opened an account. This bank allows check deposits from home with a scanner or i.p.hone. I think this should simplify things and Mr A's personal account can return to just tracking our personal spending.


I pondered life insurance. I couldn't spend money someone had to die to give me. Every time I bought something I would know I can get it because they are dead. I priced life insurance for Mr A and I so TR would have something.

My mom said anyone who took her would know they had to take care of her and I didn't want people trying to take her because she came with money.

So I'm going to figure out what we need to do so she will have some income for her support when she gets 18/21 if we aren't around. Of course courts do break trusts so this will require research.

We are a work in progress and I'm feeling good that we are progressing.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tax Time

In 2009 I got lazy and put my expenses in a single envelope. I am attempting to get our 2008 taxes done. I am usually late with them and I don't think I filed my 2007 taxes until late December. Being late often works out. A couple of times they sent Mr. A a notice that he owed and when I amended his taxes to add myself and my deductions, we ended up with a refund. 2008 will include TR. I already ran the numbers and we don't owe. If I don't owe then they can wait.

This entry is on how I maintain my business expenses for ease at tax time.

I usually use a colorful expanding file with the blank inserts. On each insert I list the Schedule C expenses that apply to me.


Every expense I have gets a tab and I file the receipts or written notes in its category immediately after getting home or after spending the money. Usually before tax time I tally up what was spent so I don't have to add up receipts at tax time.

Link to Schedule C.

In 2009 I gave my folder to a client because he always brings his taxes late and I end up trying to categorize as well as add up receipts. I do charge him for his disarray but sometimes money isn't worth all that tedious stuff. I hope he has been utilizing the folder system.

I use a computer but I prefer having hard copies and real paper at hand. I don't do well with electronic calendars or most electronic systems designed for organization. I'm quite old fashioned. I'm sure some people just transfer amounts from credit card statements and insert. I tried that but I prefer my method which is simple to me and how I operate.

Spendin' and Organizing

I did a spending plan last week and I am very pleased to have gotten that task out of my life.

I'm trying to decide how detailed I want to get. I know we could do much better with our spending and saving but I am unsure of the strategy to use to get there. I don't know if I want to save each possible dollar or allocate every dollar.

Mr A gets a veterans pension and I'm considering the possibility of putting most of that amount to savings each month. Since TR and I are dependents of Mr A we get a small amount of pension each month too. Gotta love the military.

My plan had been to just calculate TR's yearly part and make a lump sum deposit each year. That's what we did this summer. My mother had told me the minimum she needed to get a cd so I was diligent and had a goal. Once she got the CD I slacked. Her piggy back is full but I need to get it to the bank. Maybe I'll nap and wake up to roll coins. (Got that done. Joy!)

I figure I will take my part of the pension and do what I want and allocate a small portion to Mr A. for his free spending. We'll try that for Dec. and Jan. and see how we like it. (I hope Dec. because I still haven't brought it up to Mr A.)

Back to details. I am trying to decide what type of system and how much detail I want. We have quite a bit going on and organization is mandatory. I was pondering getting a bookeeper or something but this is worth my time. I just have to develop methods that will work for us and the way our income flows and goes.

I just bought a journal. My goal is to list personal and work stuff in it. Any ideas, plans, occurrences and go from there. I have so many thoughts and ideas circling my head and if I write it down I can do it and check it off.

I'll probably spend the next few posts on my organization and my thoughts about trying to make it more efficient or leaving it like it is.

Mr A is an engineer, one of his engineering degrees dealt with efficiency processes. When he worked for Pe.psi he would have to provide ways to make production more efficient and cost-effective. Every year he had to make it better, faster and at a cheaper cost. The idea of having to do that gives me stress. I like when he tells work stories of the crazy stuff that could occur at work and the permissible amounts of bugs and other icky stuff permitted in the products.

Probably over 3 years ago, Mr A saw me struggling with my billing and made a spreadsheet for me that has made things 100 times easier and less time consuming. I can keep track of hours, tasks and expenses and then print out the invoice to give to folks who owe me.

I'll be asking him to help me be more efficient and have better business process. I have asked him to be my business manager but he has declined. I'll just be happy with him consulting with me.

But I'm focused so my future posts will likely detail my strategies to organize family, work and finances.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I don't typically do New Year's Resolutions and I've been wanting to do a goals list but stuff keeps getting in the way.

Things like my trying to type it on the IPod Touch and then Mr. A wanting to use the IPOD when I'm in the mood.

I bought a thoughts & prayer journal a bit before or maybe after TR was born.
Some of the things listed on my 'prayer list' were:

-successful and financially prosperous business
-diligent in all things I begin
-good to Mr A.
-strong work ethic
-House in Bay Area Hills
-House in Bel Air
-House in L.A. in area we like.

Perhaps I have been diligent and exhibited a work ethic because my business is being blessed. Its at the cup runneth over level. I just need to keep up with where it's going.

I was being blessed with a regular stream of clients from various sources. I still don't advertise or promote my business but the clients keep coming. That is a blessing.

At some point I started thinking about expansion and how I would expand. It was just a thought, not even fully formed.

Then I got a client all the way out in the desert. I took this client because I had developed a pretty good working relationship with the attorney for that area. Her office is near home, so I had figured I would not have to travel to the desert to handle things.

That desert client appeared to be what God had for me to begin my expansion. I still have not met this client but one of his advocates called me and asked to meet. Her office is also near my home. Its nice to live in the middle of the city and close to downtown. I met with her- even though I did not want to- and we were chatting about random stuff. This woman has a constant stream of hundreds of families that need my services.

When God gives you a talent there is certainly a need. My talents meet a need.

Since we met this woman has been referring someone to me at least twice a week. Making my expansion not only possible but necessary.

Because I am being blessed I am able to bless others. I'm not trying to make all the money. I want to build something and I need people to build. Mr A and I have also been good stewards with our finances and have built up a nice pile. Perhaps God has seen that we are ready for blessings to overtake us and we won't squander the fruits.

IMO, I have a pretty desirable work set up. People who work for/with me can work from home, overhead is ink and paper and maybe stamps. They can work as much or as little as they want and pretty much command their income. They just have to give me a cut since I am supplying the support and clients.

That sorta sounds like I'm Mary Kay.

My current goals are to get Courtney Elizabeth to build my website, do webinars and start doing free seminars teaching parents how to advocate for their kids. If business continues going well and we remain diligent then the houses will become reality.

As an interesting aside, my mother told me since I had folks to help with my business I could get rid of the nanny. Amazing! This is the same mother who discouraged me from dating until I graduated from law school. She wanted me to remain focused. She discouraged me from dating so I could focus on building my business. She has harassed me at various times during my life about taking 4 or so months off each year to rest.

Its amazing to watch your mother become a grandmother. They turn into different people. The stuff you were not allowed to do as a child becomes acceptable. My mother won't even let TR cry. If what she is crying for doesn't present a danger, my mother gives it to her.

She called me this week and told me to come to the Bay a little earlier. She said she thinks TR wants to see her. I had to laugh.

Mommy Morning

It's 9 a.m. and I have chopped onions, peeled potatoes, given TR a bath, gotten her dressed and made breakfast of potatoes and bacon in the cast iron. We have eaten breakfast and are currently resting up. She has actually thrown everything out of the desk drawer and is now standing in it. This is an antique desk, I hope it survives the toddler years.

I wish I had the energy/will to do this everyday. I have to figure out how to make it happen because TR will be in school in a few years. I need to ask my mother how she made it happen. She must have never slept. We had breakfast at the breakfast table every morning. There was never any rushing. We wouldn't get to school early enough to play on the yard but we were never late or close to being late.

By the time we got to high school, which was a more distant drive we were still never late or rushed. I'm sure living across the street from our elementary and being driven meant we didn't have to get up as early as the kids on the bus but it still requires planning and dedication.

TR goes with the nanny at 10 a.m. and I tend to run late getting her ready for that too. But maybe when the kids are at school I'll be able to nap during the day so that will allow me to get up super early.

Right now, I try not to nap when I am paying a nanny. I try to work. The nanny provides no benefit if I'm napping instead of working. I'll be pleased when the original nanny returns. At the end of her day she would bring TR back asleep and then I could nap without it costing me.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Mr. A took TR to gymnastics yesterday. He sent a text that said something like, if you doubt evolution you should see TR climb and hang from the bars.

This was her first class with the 2 and 3 year olds. He said she did very well. She could do handstands and she balanced well on the beams. The other babies could not. Its not a comparison just a statement of fact. My kid is a natural. MR A says the instructor kept saying, "Yeah just like TR is doing it!" Mr. A had gymnastics either in h.s. or college so he's been training her but she has raw talent. Just like her mommy. Or if you ask Mr. A he'll say just like her daddy. Or if you ask my mother, she will say just like her granny. Or if you ask my brother, he will say, just like her uncle.

I tell you, I carried this kid for 8 months (she likes to be early- just like her daddy) and everyone else takes credit. Last week someone told me how happy she was and their mother says the disposition of the baby relates to the mood of the mother when she carried her.

I was quite joyful. Lets pray for baby two because that kid might come out feeling overwhelmed. Still in a positive mood but not as care free as TR. Plus TR is sorta bossy, like her daddy, so baby two might have to battle. video

A clip of one of the rides at gymnastics.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Says the boy..........

to the girl he loves.

"There is no mountain I would not climb,
no valley I would not cross, to get to you.
No river is too strong, no ocean is to deep to
keep me from you.
I will see you tomorrow unless it rains."

So last week I was reading a nice post about marriage and the challenges it can present but also the rewards.

That post got a lot of comments by old bored married women saying madness like "my marriage is battle tested too." blah blah blah.

I look at another post and these same old bored married women are advising a young married confused silly woman to leave her husband because "I wouldn't take that".

It's amazing how a battle tested married person could advise someone that there are no battles and to leave because one popped up. What they should really say is, I'm married and I'll cross rivers and oceans and mountains and valleys for my marriage but it hasn't rained yet. If it rains, I am outta here.

I really hope people read blogs for entertainment and not for reality.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


At church the minister often says when God gives you a gift he creates a need for that gift.

People don't have gifts that can't be used. Often we just aren't ready to use them, maybe its our character and maybe its our level of boldness.

My grandmother would tell us your gift/talent would make room for you. She told everyone that not just her grandkids.

I am often disturbed when people have a gift/talent and let it sit from fear. A spirit of fear is not from God. I cannnot comprehend how a person has a true desire to do something but will not. It does not seem possible to me. Is a lifestyle more important than living out your purpose? It's okay if it is but acknowledge it.

What are folks waiting on? Is it a lack of confidence?

Monday, November 9, 2009

I speak

Life has to be rough when people do not believe their words have power.

Word works for the good and bad. We limit ourselves or prosper based on our word. Our word shapes our intention.

I try to be careful with what I put out. Even in jest I have found I will say something and then its occurring, both bad and good. If we believe our words have power we feel powerful and believe we get to chart our own course. We also know we can cause harm to our lives. We aren't just sail boats tossed in the ocean. We are ships with powerful engines.

I've been listening to this song and am feeling it.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

That mom

I feel so awful. I have been telling people TR was 18 months for the last month. She is 17 months. I am going to stick with one 1 year from now on

I don't consider myself to be 'that mom'. I know TR is fabulous as she is and I don't compare her to other babies or try to best other mothers. I'm super grateful to have such a happy friendly baby. She is the baby I requested right down to her deep dimples and love of singing.

Today was her first day at gymnastics. She did the mixed age class. Mr. A has been playing with her and having her do gymnastics type stuff since she could hold her head. She can already land on front and back flips. She can climb which she taught herself and she can use her arms to walk across the bar ladder. Of course she requires assistance but she has the coordination and isn't afraid to fall. She can kick and catch balls.

The instructors at gymnastics did a bar exercise. She was familiar with pulling up on bars so Mr. A sat her on top with her knees on the bar and had her do a spin. She instinctively knew to grab the bar as she turned and she hit the landing steady. The other instructor had her climb the ladder rope, the instructor flipped it and TR held on, hung and again she hit the landing steady. She was great at walking across the balance beam. I prefer the beam to her walking across the back of the sofa. It was fun to watch.

The instructor said TR should attend the class with the 2 and 3 year olds. I knew my baby was a natural. I am even more pleased because preemies are expected to be delayed but so far she is advanced in the baby areas. Her corrected age is 16 months and she is advanced in the baby milestones for 17 months.

Mr. A and I had planned to start potty training but read babies don't understand the concept until 2 year of age. Since the bathtub disaster I have been putting her on her potty in the tub and letting the water wash over her feet. She does her business prior to the bath. Saturday she went in the bathroom and took the lid off her pot. Mr A took her p.j.'s and diaper down and she sat down and used it.

We cheered like we got 100 million in the mail.

So while I am not 'that mommy', I am the mommy that knows my baby is fabulous. My plan is to help her discover her gifts and talents. As my grandmother told us 'your gifts will make room for you'. We don't begrudge anyone else their talents, we just want to use ours to the best of our ability.

My grandmother also told us to be ourselves. It's okay to admire other people but develop yourself. If you are busy being someone else who will be you? There is a need for who YOU are.

I think that is a big reason I have never felt led to keep up or rush to get/do things. I know I have a purpose and my purpose is not tied to the actions of my peers. It's okay to move at my own pace.

These are lessons I want TR to know.

Friday, November 6, 2009

I realized

I have someone new working with me and we were going over the details of what she would be doing. I told her I just got an assistant who would also assist her. The young lady asked if this was all part of the expansion. Hmmmmmm........ Not sure why it never occurred to me that I had an expansion going on. I like that word.

My main goals are to hire more people so I can take more work, have maternity leave or a long mental health break and keep my business going and making money. I realize having people work with me means I'll have an additional duties but I'm sure I will deal. All that does = expansion.

My brother has about 12 employees and a payroll service and my mother manages the money details. I probably won't burden her with my stuff especially since she has already agreed to train the people I hire, but I will ask her to help me organize. My mom always knows where the money is and she keeps the reciepts.

She started doing the bookeeping and taxes for my grandparents business when
she was 15. She has lots of experience with business stuff.

Maybe I will take her to lunch and we'll have a business meeting. That should be fun. Mr A. gets home early today and maybe we can have a business meeting. We'll let TR chair.

I've read that businesses that can expand during a recessions/down economies do well over decades.

I know people who borrowed to expand a business. It takes longer not to borrow but I don't have to pay out my profits nor do I have to worry about making certain amounts to pay loans. I'm okay to be slow and steady in long term endeavors.

I'm grateful I have patience and confidence that not having a thing right now does not prevent me from having it later.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

No Texting

My favorite person to text forgot their celly. So I shall do blog updates and have lots more details.

Oopie ate a huge chunk of kielbasa this morning. I think she wants more. That might be too much meat.

Our neighbor stopped by to give me her contsct info since her mom will be watching Oopie. She said her mom makes the boy lunch. I wonder how much weight Oops will be gaining if she is eating with L.

I'll go to the park with them today and make sure Oops feels comfy. I'll take my work with me and her car

She took the trash can by the desk into the kitchen and was trying to stand on it. I think she was trying to wash dishes. Only problem was it wasn't upside down. I think we should get her a step stool for the bathroom so she can brush her teeth.

She tried to brush my teeth this morning. She finished brushing her teeth before I finished brushing mine. She grabbed my tooth brush, and started moving it around in my mouth. Then she tried to put it in hers.

Now she is trying to put your socks on my feet.

She called my mother today while sitting in her car. I told my mother she was driving and on the phone and might get a ticket. My mother is making her up some drivers license in case she gets pulled over. We can't tell her though, it will be a surprise. I'll probably tape them to her car when they arrive.

Oopie has been climbing on the couch and then standing on the back of it. She does it so quick. Today will the neighbor was here Oopie was sitting on the couch then she put a foot on the back and I heard the woman gasp. I went and got her down.

I'm trying to think were we were the other day, but she found something narrow and walked across it. It must have been at the park. She's like a cat.

Her climbing skills are extremely fast now. You know how she steps onto the sofa. Imagine that in everything else. I think that's why she climbs through the window in her car despite the door being open.

I was making her cheese eggs and she tried to climb into her high chair. I stopped her and started wiping the crumbs out the chair using my hand to catch them and throw them away. She apparently realized my process was not efficient and brought me her dust pan. That was a total daddy move.

She just climbed through the window in her car, stepped out the open door on the other side, ran through the living room and is back at my desk.

She just took one of YOUR books out of the shelf and said Book when she handed it to me. Amazing how a baby brain works because I am pretty sure I didn't say book today. Maybe I said leave daddy's books alone but I can't remember. Oh oh......

So L mom asked me when Oops nap time is and how many ounces does she drink. I was feeling a bit like a bad mother. She eats all she wants and falls asleep when she is sleepy. I asked my mother and she said that is what she did with us.

oh oh.... she's rearranging things again. I'm curious to see what her vision is.

I have to get her dressed. I still feel like an ogre dropping her off. Gosh this is hard.

I dropped the queen off. I took a gallon of juice but L drinks the same kind so she told me to take it back. Maybe I will take one a week so they can share. I don't know if L drinks a gallon a week. She goes to the park around 10 a.m. Maybe I should just drop the queen off at the park everyday or have her come get her. I don't like dropping her at someone's house. I told her to bring her here to nap. I might get her one of those tents so she can nap at the park. I'm about to shower and head to the park.

My new assistant has already emailed me. I'm about to send her some work. Then shower and head to the park. Or maybe I'll go to the park and then shower and then nap.

I've been super productive today. Feels good.

I've got dollars in my pocket I'be rollin'. If I was a feen then my check would be stolen, put my name AMES on everything I own and when I get my jeep I'm putting AMES on the chrome. Did I tell you when I used to live in L.A. I used to look at the ladies driving their babies in that truck and wanted to be the lady in the truck driving her babies?

The queen is home. A little girl at the park told me Oopie was her friend. They played together until the girl pushed the swing and Oopie walk toward her and the swing took her down. I was right there but didn't get the swing fast enough.

L apparently take 2 naps in the morning at 9 a.m., 10 a.m and 2 in the afternoon. He naps after lunch and is napping now. His grandmother asked me 3 times when did Oops sleep and said she had lots of energy. I told her she naps after playing hard. She's like her daddy. I pushed her home in her car and she was falling asleep.

I'm going to need you to help me figure out how to work this sit so the queen's playtime doesn't turn into naptime. They don't go back to the park until 4. I'm thinking she can go early and come back at 2. This time change means her Oprah nap is now a 2 p.m. nap. I don't need to pay for someone to watch her sleep.

You read about this shooting at army base in Fort Hood? Crazy! 12 dead, 31 wounded. I'm a little disturbed your pres just gave a "shout out" to someone in a press conference. FA Real! A shoot out at an army base and you are doing a shout out. I think the demeanor should change.

Ma.lik Has.san, so apparently the U.S. military has terrorists within. This is scary.

big mistake to put that name on the blog. Folks are googling it like mad.

Stay tuned.........

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

No title

TR and I went to the park today. I didn't want to. I was feeling like if I go to this park one more time I might lose my sanity. Once I got out there I enjoyed myself. I'm sure if I was not able to take my baby to the park I would give up a toe to be able to do it whenever I wanted.

We would have stayed home but I got lunch yesterday and didn't have money so I had to go today to pay. I also had to stop by the bank to get the cash. It's crazy to have checks in my purse I'm too lazy to deposit.

Mr A got an assistant for me and I got a temp nanny for TR. We were at the park and TR was a little sleepy. I was trying to make sure a ruffian baby and a 4 year old boy didn't destroy TR's car. TR stopped and started waving and talking to the grandmother of our neighbor's son. The lady said hi TR and held her arms out. TR went to her and the lady held her while I went to get those ruffians off the curb and talk to Mr. A on the phone. It occured to me that TR would have play dates with the boy and his grandmother and her own nanny.

I mentioned to Mr. A and he said he had been thinking it would make sense. I hadn't thought about it because I didn't want TR's nanny to have two kids. I saw this woman seemed to deal with 2 babies pretty easy plus I don't think her grandkid walks.

So I asked her and learned she had been talking to the other nannies about asking me. I get a nanny referral everyday but I didn't want someone with a kid and I just needed it to feel right. Fortunately the holidays are approaching so she can go be spoiled by my mother for a while. By then I hope her nanny is well enough to return.

I have had an assistant before and I don't need to see them. It's a pretty good job for college students. It also enables me to do my work. I shut down at admin tasks. I can have work complete but phone calls, printing paper, putting it in envelopes and mailing stuff is my downfall.

I sometimes email things to my mother so she can mail it. I have even put money in her account so she can mail checks.

I need an assistant and I'm sure I will benefit if she is diligent. I'll just get her stamps, paper, envelops and we'll be set.

I wish I lived closer to my mother. It's rough sometimes. I'd love for TR and I to be able to hang out with her. We spend lots of time alone here in l.A. If I could I'd probably hang out at my mom's until around the time Mr A came home.

I don't think I spent this much time alone even when I lived alone. My brother would drop by my apt. in the morning and bring donuts. I'd meet my mom or brother for lunch. I'd walk to my cousins job and hang out until she was done. I'd be in my office annoyed by my business partner.?Now my days are say goodbye to Mr a at abiout 7, hang out with TR and see Mr A at 6 or 7, eat and collapse in bed around 10 if I
am a soldier.

There are only so many times I can go shopping or to breakfast/brunch/lunch. I guess I should have met up with another mommy to hang out. She is having her second baby this month. Maybe I'll giver her a call. Her husband is gone all day to and her family isn't near. She might be close to losing her sanity too.

Monday, November 2, 2009

back it up! Mommy post.

We had attempted to get TR a Princess Frog outfit for Halloween. I procrastinated and did not check the Disney website until Saturday morning. When I saw the outfit was $90 I immediately began planning her alternate garb.

She dressed as an 80's dancer. She had tights, leg warmers, head band, onesie and a short tshirt lengtt dress. Someone asked if she was a flash dancer. I think TR was feeling the dance vibe because when Mr A and I sang She's a Maniac, she started doing the maniac dance. We were trying to figure out where she saw the movie.

We went to Boo at the Zoo at L.A. Zoo. Mr A and I had a good time but TR didn't seem to care much about looking at the animals sitting there chilling. She was mesmerized by the puppet show and she loved eating hot fresh kettle corn. We were considering a zoo membership but since the zoo didn't engage her we'll hold off on that.

We got tickets to the Aquarium. I'm looking forward to that. We figure she'll enjoy that more because the sea creatures are a little more active.

I'm hoping we can make it back to Disney fairly soon. She enjoyed the magic of Disney. It is truly a place for the kiddies and kids at heart. Fortunately we go free with our Mertzes because I don't have the energy to spend a full day there. If we had to pay I'd want to arrive at opening and stay until closing.

TR's nanny is out for a few months, so I need to find a temp. I have put Mr A in charge of interviewing. I don't want a nanny with young
children. Ronnie's current nanny had 2 adult children so I didn't have to worry about her bringing kids or needing to stay home with them. So
I probably need an older woman.

The nannies at the park have plenty of referrals but I don't feel like going through all that again.

TR had been eyeing little cars, so Mr A took her out to get one. There are other babies at the park with cars, but they love TR's. As soon as she arrives we are rushed by babies who are grabbing at her car. When she gets out, the other babies start fighting over it. Today when we
were leaving a little boy starting crying and yelling "my car". I told him we would be back tomorrow.

The little boy will be 2 in a few days and I noticed he spoke and understood Spanish quite well. Well for a 2 year old. I really want to get TR
back to her Spanish immersion. So for that reason I am in a little rush for a nanny.

This post was all mommy stuff. Good thing my blog is called Mommies Who Lunch. Princess Frog will be out Dec 11. I'm hoping its a number one movie because Mommy Monday at the Movies shows the number one movie each week. I want to take TR.

My hairdresser told me she ended up at the movies during one of those Mondays. It sounded like torture. I had to laugh.

Tonight is sushi night. I can't wait for Mr A to get home.

Me Time

I had a 40% off coupon for Borders, so I headed out to the book store and enjoyed some time perusing note cards and calendars. I used to think me time, sounded nutty. I'm with me all day. Mr. A gets his me time, and TR gets hers. I figured I better grab mine too. It feels great.

I don't consider getting my hair done, me time. That's necessity, not indulgence. I don't consider shopping me time, because I do not like shopping.

Well I'm going to relax a bit. TR is washing her car. She is my mother in a small package. Their birthdays are just a few days apart and they are both neat freaks.