Monday, September 28, 2009

Lovely Day

Mr A was home today and the nanny started.

Mr A acknowledged how much better this woman is over the other. Today's nanny actually did work and took initiative. She packed up TR's bag to take it to the park and told me what she needed in it and came to see where it was. She even changed diapers without my requesting it.

It's a drastic difference. But some folks have a work ethic and others don't.

It's nice when Mr A is home. I actually like and enjoy the person I married so when he is gone all day, I'm not too pleased. It's rough on me when he leaves at 7 and returns at 7.
Restaurant week starts next week so we headed to Hollywood to sample one
restaurants fare. The food was amazing! and we will be visiting. The restaurant was Dakota Chop House. TR and her nanny came with us.

So far TR adores the nanny. Usually when TR comes home from the park she
stops by our neighbor and stands there until the woman comes out. Then she puts
her arms up so the woman picks her up and then TR hugs her. Today TR gave
our neighbor a cold shoulder and hugged her nanny. Our neighbor is knocking on 80 and has a friend who visits on Wednesday. I try to stop by and chat 5 days a
week. If I don't she'll be at the kitchen window peeking in.

I digress...........

This post written Monday. I fell asleep and forgot the rest.

The day was nice. But tomorrow we get back to the grind. Mr A should be home early. Let us pray he can make it happen.

I think this age for babies is lots of fun. I enjoy witnessing TR say words, experiment with sounds, explore and she gives amazing hugs and
kisses and laughs freely. I am usually exhausted by the end of the day but I enjoy being with my babe.

Friday, September 25, 2009


I love HGTV's Real Estate Intervention and found myself watching that instead of RHOA.

I was surprised myself.

Its crazy how many people used 100% financing and/or ARMS to buy and don't have the money to get out. These sellers are so stubborn. The buyers who can really afford their home will bring money to the table to sell and are not as determined to view there house as an "investment".

I was watching one day and the real estate guy said how 100% financing allowed people to get more than they could afford and the result was 0 equity. Our parents had 20% down and got 80% from the bank and bought what they could afford.

One woman was blaming predatory lending and while I do know it existed, people's greed is what often leads them to be vunerable to such schemes.

I remember being 23 and looking at a house. This was when home prices had a relationship to income. The realto told me I could buy. I told her I had just graduated law school and didn't have enough saved for 20% down.

She told me there were programs and ways I could buy and not to price myself out.

I wasn't really interested in buying, I just liked to look. Had I been greedy or desperate I might have asked 'how'?

Then just a couple of years later that house had tripled in price and I was thinking I should have asked how.

I am sure a lot of people felt they had to get in or lose out forever. I've always been confident in my money making skills so I think a little different. I may want something right now but I don't need it now and if I get it at the right time for me, its better for me.

I was looking at my B.E. magazine and saw the cute couple on the cover and the woman with her lovely rock. I read the article. They barely had retirement. The man had no retirement or savings. I'm guessing the ring was financed? Maybe it wasn't a diamond?

But how money is spent is about priorities. I can't say its right or wrong.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I met with the nanny. If her references are good she starts Monday. I will have to pay partial salary when TR is on vaca - that is pretty often- but if she is good then it's worth it.

She isn't Mexican, she is some type of south American but importantly she speaks Spanish and will only speak to TR in Spanish. I'm excited about having a bilingual baby especially since most of the babies around us are also bilingual.

I had a project looming and am grateful I got it done. It was rough. It is rough caring for a babe and working. I can't ignore my babe so work gets pushed aside.
We live near a Korean day care. I pondered sending her there and she could learn Korean but I would prefer she can talk before I have her spending time alone with people I do not know. I can be here with the nanny and be sure all is well.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

new nanny interview

I have a lead on a Spanish speaking nanny. She used to take care of a baby at the park but he started school so she is free. I'm done with the non-bilingual folks. All the babies at the park are bilingual because they have the Latino nannies.

We shall see. I'll keep you posted.

We tried Mr A's way and that didn't work out, now we shall try my way. Mother knows.

Actually Mr A thought she would last until November when things slowed down and we could find another nanny. But while I NEED help, I do not need it so badly to put up with hood women who drop steak knives out of their purse and don't notice to pick it up. OR hood women who take an hour to braid the 2 year old son's hair in cornrows, while the baby you are paid to watch hangs with the mother paying you.

But again we shall see. I may have to just quit working or drastically reduce my work load. Either that or Mr A will have to quit or reduce his time coaching football.

I'll let him decide.

Monday, September 21, 2009


A couple of weeks ago I took TR shopping. I had a Gymboree coupon and I adore that store. I
She got a new fall wardrobe. I don't like shopping for myself but I love dressing her in cute fashions.

I realize this is dangerous. I grew up with girls whose parents got them everything they wanted. The parents would require them to clean out their closet before buying new clothes. Fortunately I was the recipient of these fashions. One girl lived in l.a. Our mothers grew up together, and I was younger so they would ship the clothes to me or leave them in Bakersfield at my great aunts.

When I was 19 and going to college out here, the girl told me her parents had quit financing her shopping and she was left with the addiction.

I don't want to do this with TR. I have decided that anytime I buy her clothes an equal amount will have to be put in her account. I spent a few hundred at gymboree and so now I need to put that same amount away for her.
This rule will force me to think about my spending or reduce it. It will also benefit her in the future.
On the bright side Gymboree clothes are very durable.

Friday, September 18, 2009


A asked a couple of questions re: the nanny and the goddaughter. I was typing a post and it got so long that I left it alone. I will try to be as brief as I can, since the nanny is not able to defend herself. Not that I think she has a defense. Ignorance is not a defense.


We hired the goddaughter's mother to be TR's nanny. She is a childhood friend of Mr A. We figured it would help me out and allow the mother to ride the bus with her daughter to school and back home, allow her make some money and maybe get future work as a nanny.

The woman was taking advantage by the end of day 2. I am easy going but not patient. If you try to abuse my peaceful nature or use me I'm done. No need for further discussion.

In the evening of day 1 the girl called and said her mother was going to bring her 2 year old. The mother had told me she was going to see her boyfriend in jail and the bf is the boys father. I figured she wanted the boy to see his father. I think taking kids to jail to see a parent locked up on stupid stuff is training future inmates and taking away the barrier of being behind bars, but some folks say kids need to see that parent. I guess you have to train up the babies in drug dealing and gun toting early if you want it to stick.

I spent a lot of day 2 taking care of TR myself since the nanny was busy with her 2 year old.

At the end of day 2, I was at the door saying good bye to the 3 of them, I noticed the girl didn't have any shoes on and I realized the mother was leaving the girl. I didn't want to say anything and make the kid feel unwelcome. I also figured maybe she didn't want to go waste hours at the jail.

I asked Mr A. if he knew about this overnight guest. Turns out the mother made the decision on her own to leave her kid. Mr A asked the girl what happened and she said her mother was coming late the next day and told her to pack a bag to spend the night. The mother didn't bother telling me she'd be late. I was highly annoyed by the woman making a decision on who would be our overnight guest. What if we didn't have food for an extra person at dinner? What if we didn't want an extra person- which I did not.

The woman also notified me that the girl would be spending every Sunday with us. I could not speak. I think her plan was to move her in with us.

If the woman took such liberties at the start I knew it could only go downhill. After I was done talking to my mother about the woman making decisions for my house, I knew there wasn't much to salvage.

Day 3, the mother shows up late AND with the 2 year old. I told her the 2 year old wouldn't work for me. She told me that I didn't give her a chance the day before and that I kept doing everything. She said she didn't know she couldn't bring the boy.

I told her had she asked I would have told her the 2 year old wouldn't work out and I reminded her the day before she had told he needed to come. Apparently at 30+ she has never had a job and didn't know you don't bring your kids or come late without notice.

So the nanny tells me I made her uncomfortable and she was going home. The woman had the nerve to cry. I asked her what she planned to do with the girl since she had told her to meet her at our place. I made it clear the girl was going home. The woman had nothing to say and did not take the least bit of pause or planning for her kid, and she left. But before leaving she asked me for some money for bus fare. I am convinced the government destroys some people.

If I had to ask for fare home, I would have made a plan to finish my work day and make some money. If the gov't is subsidizing your rent, buying your food, and sending you a pittance of money each month, its simple to say you're uncomfortable and go home.

I took TR to the park and we played ourselves out. I walked home ready for us both to take a nap and the door bell rings. Its the girl. There went my nap.

I called Mr A and he contacted her mother. The mother doesn't have a phone so he had to call around. The mother tells the girl to take the bus. I walk her to the bus stop.

The woman has the nerve to be upset with Mr. A and said he made the girl take the bus. He told her she made the decision to leave her child and he didn't have time to change what he already had scheduled because of her own decision. It's as if this woman thinks she can get the check for the girl, and use us as her care provider when she feels.

I was paying this woman the going rate for nanny's in L.A. If I pay you right I expect you to work right. She's Mr A's friend from middle school, not mine. I don't continue with folks who attempt to advantage of me.

In just 2 days I fed the mother, the girl, the boy, TR and myself 2 meals plus snacks. The boy freely ate TR's fruit and drank her juice. I had told her that while she was TR's nanny, I would stock the fridge with things she wanted to snack on. I guess she figured I could feed her family and she could save some money. Who brings a 2 year old and no food or liquid. I had told her we would go to the grocery store and she shows up without a car seat.

Mr A let her know she wasn't coming back and her response was something like, "you can't give a n###a a second chance?"

I shouldn't have given her a first chance.

I had been trying to get Mr A to watch Frankie and Neffie. I was amazed to realize how much basic stuff they did not know. Mr A refused and said he knew real Frankie's and Neffies. A little time with the nanny and I know what he meant. The nanny didn't know what chow mein was. She took her daughter to Westwood for ice cream but they didn't go look at the campus. The girl said her mother did not know that anyone could come look.

There are no gates or fences around the school. Can you imagine seeimg something, knowing its a university and thinking you are not allowed entry? She thought "they" kept the L.A. children's museums secret because "they" don't want everyone to know about it.

I can accept a lack of exposure but I have to remove users from my life.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Many moons ago my goal was to be a tax expert and appear on shows like the Today show with my information.

After a brief stint in tax I ended up in civil rights. I still want to brush up on my tax knowledge because I'd love to plan in retirement. My brother is in PR so while I have not made it to the Today show I (or my name) has been on the local news pretty often.

I let my brother do the tv and print interviews because he is good at it and I like my privacy.

My brother told me a colleague of his was having problems with a business matter and said, "I need to call your sister." My brother said he had never mentioned me to the man. I guess my reputation proceeds me.

I am currently working on a high profile case, that is part of a class action. I am not in the class action but because our cases have the same defendants, and the same issues and was filed a day or so after the class action- the judge joined the cases. My goal is to gain some wealth- just being honest- by getting a couple of class actions.

Its nice to have my name associated with this attorney because he is the presumed guy to go to in civil rights cases. The guy is a family friend, he grew up with my father and uncles, so he's helpful to work with.

He was telling me he needs my case to settle for a good amount because my case will be a marker for his. I'm learning a lot about class actions and soon I will be ready to take my own. My case is near settlement but I'm not anxious to get out because I like seeing how these experienced attorneys operate. I have learned a great deal already.

Since I am one to share the wealth I invited my gf/business partner to attend some of our negotiations. We can both learn the way experts get it done. When we were in court this week, I just listened and tried to absorb.

I really want to learn about how these fellas negotiate settlements. I have done pretty well in the past but I know there are better and more lucrative ways. At this point I have defense attorneys referring family, friends and themselves to me. That tells me I do pretty good work.

If only I could fully overcome this spirit of procrastination- I'm getting better, find an assistant, and a Spanish speaking nanny. I'll have to post on why the nanny was let go. My neighbor is an attorney and is willing to make extra money so I need to get with her. I can take on more work if I get an attorney for a few hours a week.

So much planned and the only barrier is me getting off the couch.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sometimes Evil

Tuesday I had two deadlines that I had to meet. Yes I know it is my own fault for waiting until a deadline.

The goddaughter spent Tuesday night with us because Wednesday was her first day of middle school. On Tuesday Mr. A left home around 7 a.m, after work he had practice and after practice he went to get the goddaughter. I think he got home after 9 p.m. Then attempted to drop off the goddaughter and go to Staples. I could not believe he was trying to leave an extra kid and head back out.

I think men have debilitating brain farts some days.

I was not a happy camper. I had to get my work done and mommy stuff at the same time.

You know the saying about when momma is happy, everyone is happy and when momma is unhappy everyone is unhappy. That is truth.

Our first day with the nanny was great. I didn't get any work done but I did get some rest and Mr. A got a smile when he got home. Although once again he had a late day.

So today is going well and I have been very productive and been able to enjoy my baby playing at the same time.

I have no idea why we waited so long to get some help around here.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Back in the Game

Ronnie's nanny started today! oh its so joyful.

Now I have no reason to procrastinate on work, no excuses. Plus I have to get work done so I can justify the expense.

I have made a contract which outlines everything. If anyone wants to borrow it let a mommy know.

Later gators!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


My laptop is down. I like to blog as I relax, lay down and watch t.v. If ihave to sit at the desk and blog from the desktop it becomes work. I'm currently using the iPod touch but this touchscreen and my fingertips are not compatible. I like reading blogs on here but it resists my attempts to comment on blogspot blogs.

TR is home and our summer is nearing it's end. I love summer. I also love the holiday season. I am getting old fast. Another year is coming to a close. My ultimate goal is to continue getting older. I want to be blessed to enjoyy kids, grandkids and greatgrands.